Forget pop, forget indie-pop, it’s all about pea-pop now…

Have we mentioned how much of a great time we had at this year’s 2000 Trees? Well, what we didn’t mention is that we had a lovely little chat with your new favourite Chester-based band, Peaness.

“Fuzzy, jangly pop, that’s what pea-pop is, that’s how we’ve defined it,” they laugh. (Listen to ‘Oh George’ below, for a prime example.)

Meeting at University, in Chester, all studying the same course of Popular Music. Balla and Jess both in the same year, whilst Rach was in the year below, it wasn’t until after they all graduated that they decided to form a band together. “Balla and I have been singing together for years, working on our harmonies for our degree and then Rach came through in the year below, drumming away,” Jess explains. “We’ve all lived together at some point, though not anymore, now we’re being adults and each living with our boyfriends” they reveal.

Although still based in Chester, they’re each respectively from separate areas of the U.K, Balla from Swindon, whilst Rach has left Dudley – and Wolverhampton Popworld – behind. Jess, is from Oxford, the home of
Truck Fest, which coincidentally, they’ll be playing next week. “That will be really special for me personally, I went to it a few times growing up, so to play that, I’m just really excited,” Jess tells us.

That’s not the only thing they have to be excited about either, July is proving to be a busy one for them. A set at Indietracks is on the cards, “we wanted to play it last year, it will be really good, we’ve heard loads of good things about it,” they explain, adding “we’re also playing The Skinny North’s goodbye show in Manchester, they’ve been really supportive of us, so that will be really nice.”

On top of that, they have a hometown gig supporting We Are Scientists in Chester, “hopefully they really like us and want to be our best friends,” they laugh. (We’re not sure how anyone could not want to be best friends with Peaness though, they’re down to earth, funny, and make excellent music… what more could you want?) Finally, they’ve got a headline slot in Manchester’s Soup Kitchen.

Their EP Are You Sure came out back in May and is pretty much overflowing with modestly infectious ‘pea-pop’ tracks, but what’s next we hear you say? “We have ‘Ugly Veg’ coming out as a single, me and Jess made a video for it, we did a stop motion video with plasticine,” Rach explains, “we spent a day doing that, we thought it would be like a week’s worth of playdough in my house, it was intense.”

“By the end, it went really hard because the light on it had dried it all out”

This won’t be the first homemade video from the band either, with the video for ‘Seafoam Islands’ being made on Jess’ iPad, using iMovie. It’s clear that their creativity goes beyond music. Aside from those their videos have been made with the help of Twin Moon, “they’ve done video stuff for us as well, that I’m kind of a part of, they do videos for bands in Chester,” Jess explains.

Not many would put Chester down as the typical location for any new, upcoming bands, but Peaness seem more than happy there. “It’s really nice in Chester, it’s like a little family of local bands, everyone’s really supportive. There are no rivalries that you can sometimes get in cities, it’s nothing like that,” they tell us, adding “everyone’s always at each others gigs, it’s a really nice scene, there are not many venues, there’s like three, but then we’re also not far away from the bigger cities like Liverpool, Manchester and North Wales.” 

It’s not doing them any harm either, with an increasing amount of buzz surrounding them in the North West, it’s just a matter of time until it’s coating the whole of the UK.