What a year it’s been so far for Brighton’s Of Empires! They’ve just come back from rocking Isle of Wight Festival on the Jack Rocks and This Feeling stage, and they’ve got an amazing four-track EP to boot. We spoke with the indie-rock band about all their successes this year, and what they’ve got coming up!
‘See You With The Angels Kid’ is such a great track! Can you tell us the story behind it?
JACK: It’s a song that came together in one writing session, and it kind of wrote itself. The song is about a world run on fear and rising above it.
LIAM: We all have some input on all our songs but I feel it was the first truly collaborative effort.
You recently released your latest EP. Can you describe it in 3 words?
J: It’s so difficult to describe your music! Intense, Dreamy, Cutting.
L: Dirty, yet smooth… and trippy.
G: Just The Start.

What are your favourite moments as a band so far?
J: Working at Metropolis Studios on this EP, touring with Adam Ant, spending and sharing amazing times with best friends.
MATT: Recording at Metropolis Studios was definitely a highlight – it certainly is an incredible place to work.
G: We’ve had a lot of great times together, but most recently was playing the Isle of Wight.
How did it feel when you found out you’d be playing Isle of Wight Festival this year?
M: Totally made up. It’s something we’ve wanted to do since the start.
L: Excited! Last year was very much spent waiting for the EP to be released, so this year we wanted to hit the live scene hard. The bigger the show the better. IOW’s a good start.
J: Thrilling really, it’s a fantastic festival to play.
Which venue has been your favourite to play and why?
J: Concorde 2, it’s a big venue in Brighton, I’ve seen so many of my favourite bands there, so to play was special, it’s what you aim to do.
L: Yeah, I think that has to be the best so far, though one of my favourite shows was at Hope & Ruin with This Feeling.
G: Got to be Concorde 2. Seen some of my favourite bands in that place.
M: I think Sticky Mike’s in Brighton has to get the vote. It’s small and intimate plus the sound is always in the right place in terms of what I like to hear out front in a smaller venue.

Do you think there have been any artists who have inspired your solid rock ‘n’ roll vibe?
J: The Doors is our go to band. Rolling Stones, The Beatles. It’s where it all began.
L: Stones and The Doors, the originals and the best!
M: The Doors for sure are the bedrock of our influence, a band that we all connect to, but there are plenty. Really finding some great head space in The Black Angels at the moment. Such an honest act and totally wild.
What’s the music scene like down in Brighton at the moment? 
J: It’s refreshing, so many amazing artists all doing their own thing, you can see something spectacular every night in Brighton.
L: We have good relations with a lot the bands down here, it’s competitive but also supportive. Very lively and friendly.
G: There isn’t a night when a big band or a smaller local band is doing a show. It’s always buzzing.
M: It’s doing what it does best: being consistent but pushing the boundaries. If it’s happening, it happened here first. Some great acts breaking through at the moment – Yonaka and White Room both doing great things.
Have you got any plans for the rest of 2017?
G: Throw some more music at people.
L: A new single soon, another EP towards the end of the year hopefully, along with a tour.
J: But first, play more festivals!
Of Empires EP See You With The Angels, Kid is out now, listen here.