Meet the French-born London-based pop artist and her off-kilter sound…

“I try to write from an honest and open point of view, no matter how scary it feels sometimes,” says mysterious synth-pop artist NUUXS of how she creates her music. “It just doesn’t feel right if I’m not talking about something I’ve connected with, it makes me feel cheap. If I’m in a dark place, I’ll go straight through the tunnel all the way and if I’m in a good place I’ll try and celebrate that with everyone.”

NUUXS’ music is brimful of emotion, a world that listeners can get more acquainted with via her new EP Pearl. “I’m so happy it’s out for everyone to hear! I’ve worked relentlessly back and forth with the lyrics, the message, and the production changed in terms of adding and taking away sounds.

Once you’re deep into something it’s hard to enjoy it as a listener,” NUUXS confesses. “And so I had to really take my time and discuss it with those close to me and of course Jake (Gosling, who has worked with the likes of Ed Sheeran, The Libertines, Hot Chip and James Bay and helped co-write and produce Pearl.) I’m in love with it all over again now and can’t wait to perform the songs live!”

Having just played the Roundhouse and eager for more, next on NUUXS’ agenda is releasing a music video for ‘Rely’ which is to be directed by William Baker, he who is responsible for Kylie Minogue’s visuals for ‘Spinning Around’. “I love Kylie Minogue and was chuffed that the guy behind the gold hot pants was going to work with me!”  

NUUXS’ EP Pearl is available now.

You are French born but now based in London. Was your move to London solely career based?

I’m French born, half Lao and I’ve been in the UK since I was a baby. My Mum moved here when I was really young so it wasn’t really my choice but I’m happy that I get to speak two languages.

What did you feel the music industry could offer you here that it did not in France?

Luckily, with all the easy access to music worldwide through streaming and digital radio, I don’t think it matters where you’re based- if the music is good to someone they’ll buy it, listen to it and hopefully come and see you live.

What track means the most to you on Pearl and why?

I think in terms of sentiment it would have to be ‘Keep’. I think we can all have moments where we find it hard to keep track of who we are and why we are here. It’s a good reminder to breathe and take of yourself.

We really liked the track ‘Rely’; it has a more upbeat vibe than some of the other tracks on the EP. Were you experimenting with your sound when you wrote it?

You’re absolutely right, I was experimenting and I loved it. I love to dance, not professionally but when I’m out or at home and I just wanted to bring that side of me out more for everyone to see.

Was there a specific moment that you realised that you had to pursue music as a career?

It wasn’t really something I had suddenly pursued one day but more something I have always been doing. I auditioned for lead roles in school plays, I wrote poems and turned them into songs as a kid and I eventually got into backing singing and met a lot of friends that were session musicians who massively encouraged me to write more and perform more. I then thought I just wanted to write for other artists, but then realised I had so much to get off my chest I recused myself from that role and just wrote about things I had to let go of. It is my way of putting things a behind me. I still love to collaborate though, it’s so much fun.

What is the best act that you have ever seen live?

Gosh, I’ve been lucky enough to see some amazing people perform live and with totally different styles, so that’s really hard but I’d say Alabama Shakes in LA about a year ago.