Here to test our taste buds, Troy, Aaran, Jim and James give us a preview of what’s to come.

The Nuns of Tundra are a Bristol / Worcester based band who have been on the climb since 2016 with their first single ‘Robot Love’. Now in 2018, the alternative Indie, Psych-Rock band have been hard at work, releasing their new single ‘Hidden Erasor’. Filled with heavy guitar riff solo’s and dirty vocals, their sound is addictive, so it’s not suprising the band have been so busy lately.

We caught up with the guys to find out their biggest achievements so far and fulful our thirst for more.

Hey! How has your year been so far? For everyone else it seems like you’ve just woken up but we know you’ve been busy behind the scenes… what are your personal highlights?

Jim – Hey! A lot has been happening behind the scenes where do I even start? We’re now officially a boy band after some line-up changes over the summer period. Playing main stage at Lakefest was one of my favourite highlights of the year. Also getting airplay on BBC Radio 6 and Amazing Radio was really cool. We’ve been hard at work writing new material and we’re heading back into the studio at the end of November to record 2 new tracks. Hopefully our latest single will give you a taste of what’s been happening and what direction we’re heading in.

Obviously you have a new single coming out ‘Pray 4 U, Slay 4 U’, can you tell us a bit about it?

Troy – Yeah of course, it’s definitely a bit different from our previous stuff, we wanted to balance things out and pay some more attention to the groove this time round, usually we are firing all cylinders on guitar licks. We wanted it to be dark and sexy and make you want to move.

What’s the main thing you hope people take away from the track?

Arran – Whenever I hear a tune that I love it can change the way I’m feeling. I’m a big fan of music that makes me feel like a slick mother clucker, strutting my way down town, feeling ten feet tall. I wanna make people feel like that. I want people to hear the opening riff for pray and go ‘DAMN!! That’s sick!’ I want the riff to cut through them and change their mood, Make them feel like a ferocious skyscraper eating riff monster that no one can touch. Basically I hope it makes them feel as cool as an ice cream Sundae.

What do you think about the UK’s music scene as a whole?

Jim – I think we’re living through some really exciting times right now as far as the UK music scene is concerned. I’ve discovered so many amazing bands in the last year like Fang Club, Big Spring, Estrons, Nothing But Thieves to name just a few. Locally I’ve seen more venues popping up, and everywhere I turn there’s a new band making waves. One of my personal favourites has to be The Jericho Racks who are playing with us on our mini tour. Even though they only started this summer, every time I’ve seen them they’ve left me wanting more. The same goes for Dead Dads Club. They’ve become our brothers over the last year and it’s amazing to see how much hard work really does pay off in this industry for them to go from playing Malvern pubs to headlining venues in Birmingham. A prime example of how well supported and strong our local scene is for bands to strive so seamlessly.

How did you get into music, has it always been what you wanted to do?

Troy – For as long as i can remember I’ve wanted to make music. My Dads played in bands since can remember. I think i was even named after one of his bands! I was brought up in a household full of guitars to the point that I thought it wasn’t cool because my Dad did it, but since around the age of 12, I started playing with his guitars andever since then I’ve always wanted to be in being in bands and making music. Me and Arran both grew up having similar tastes, and the music we make is the biggest overlap between what we both love. We both grew up being in bands together starting as a band called roadkill in our mates garage and we just wanted to be Blink 182. Now I think we have all these riffs from the years passed and we just pick the best ones and go from there.

Tell us a bit about how you create your tracks. We hear you have an album coming out, which you may of may not be selling limited CDs of at your upcoming mini tour, what can people expect from these?

Troy – We have an album coming out especially for this upcoming tour featuring our latest track, some already realised material and a few unreleased gems. With our latest track, I wrote the first riff ages ago playing around with stupidly fuzzy fuzz pedal, no real intention or thought of making it into a whole song til I jammed it out at a rehearsal. Then probably two years later the song formed around it, and although we are in no way politically charged, the lyrics definitely formed around the dystopian future it feels we’re heading towards. But it’s not like we name dropped Theresa May or anything, we did mention Cthulu though.

Would you rather be an act that people love to see live or one that people listen to on repeat in the car? After this mini tour, what’s the plan?

Jim – I think it all starts from the energy in the music you perform live whether that’s in the guise of a massive riff or a really catchy hook. When everything comes together on stage and you’re making people want to come to your shows then next step would be to try capture that energy in a recording. So I’d choose the car option, as the live show would need to be up there already for people to want to listen, right? Once we’ve finished this mini tour we will most likely be planning our next release for Feb/March time. Festival applications are underway as well so fingers crossed!

What’s on your bucket list for 2019? What would you most like to achieve during your music career?

Jim – We’re hoping to get on to some bigger festival line-ups. We’d love to do a full UK tour and play in some new cities. Maybe even cross the channel? Maybe even find a financier or a band sugar daddy? Being in a band is proving really expensive! Haha. But on a serious note, we’ve got a lot of ideas in the pipeline and we’re extremely excited to be going forward into 2019 with our new drummer James Gray.