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Introducing: Nonô

22 August 2018

Brazilian singer Nonô reveals her laid-back underground sensibilities in her new track ‘Bite’

Brazilian singer Nonô unleashes her debut single ‘Bite’ and reveals her laid-back underground sensibilities on this new track. From growing up in a big family in Brazil, Nonô’s music taste comes from all over, taking inspirations from Seu Jorge, Funk Carioca and Bossa Nova/Samba, to Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Etta James, Daniel Caesar, Nina Simone and contemporaries like Eminem, D’Angelo and Chance The Rapper.

Nonô moved to London for musical inspiration and it was a time when she explains, ‘life got even more real. Everyday is a challenge — you always have to prove yourself, your worth, and have to know that it is difficult making it out here but you can’t let yourself be affected by these things. You always have to keep pushing forwards’.  This talented young singer is set to go very far and is one to keep an eye on. We caught up with the rising star and discovered the truth behind her new track and her musical identity. Let’s take a look…


Hey Nonô, We love your debut single ‘Bite’. What is the story behind the song?

Thank you! Bite is about when you give in to something that was “bad” for you and just embrace it. It’s an analogy to the apple story from Adam and Eve – the lyrics of Bite are playing the snake’s part.



We love the slice of electro-pop that you bring to ‘Bite’. Did you have any help in the production of the track?

The track was produced by the amazing Gustav Nyström. When we were making the track I told him and Victoria Alkin – my co-writer that I wanted the track to sound very much like Brasil. That’s why the percussion part of the track sounds very tropical and different.


We see that you have also released a music video, what was your inspiration behind the video?

For the videoclip, I wanted it to focus a lot on the lyrics – that’s why the images are constantly alternating between day and night footage, just like the chorus of the song. We also wanted it to look very urban so the awesome duo that directed it, Temptress, found some really cool locations around London and we shot some performances parts there. Our initial inspirations were the Chloe Howl video, ”Do It Alone” and also the Tessa Violet one, “Crush”.



Did you have any initial ideas for the video that didn’t work out?

In the kitchen scenes, we tried getting some footage of me raiding the fridge and eating a bunch of stuff but in the end it didn’t work out – maybe I was too much of a savage eater and it wouldn’t fit well in the video? hahaha


Your song ‘Blind To You’ is infectious. What inspired you to write the song?

Thank you very much! It’s actually a cover that I did by Collie Budz which is a reggae song – very different from the one I recorded. After a long time experimenting with the song with the awesome producer, Guy Katsav, we decided that it should be more authentic and more real to myself – not so much a “bad girl” attitude but a real one. Therefore, when I was singing it, my delivery was more focused in telling my “haters” that they can’t bring me down rather than a tone of “fight me”.



How do you want your listeners to react to your music?

I want my listeners to really love my music and also, I want them to be able to relate to it, want it to mean something.


If you could describe your music in three words, what would they be?

Saucy, true and fun.


What artists inspire your music the most and why?

I really like Jazz/Soul and R&B artists like Billie Holliday, Etta James, D’Angelo who influence me in the way I sing and deliver lyrics and melodies but also like to add some electro aspects like Joey Pecoraro together with Brazilian samba/Bossa Nova and Funk Carioca with Seu Jorge, Tim Maia and etc..


Can we expect to hear any new music from you soon?

Yeaaaa, I’ll be recording my new music video mid-September and probably releasing it by the end of the month.


A year from now, what do you want to have achieved…maybe an EP release, festival performance?

I definitely want to do more shows (would love some festivals) – I am going to focus a lot on releasing my songs so that I can have a good setlist. Also want to have built a strong fan base in the UK!


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