No Hot Ashes are the boys from Stockport unleashing their insanely addictive post-pop-disco-funk energies to the masses.

We couldn’t help but catch up with them for a chat about their influences and ideologies…

Inspired by disco and fun of the 70’s and 80’s, No Hot Ashes are taking the UK by storm with their infatuating live atmospheres and well-crafted tunes full of groove and expertly timed rhythms. With those raw, British, unadulterated vocals, it’s no wonder they’ve amassed over 1 million streams on Spotify and have supported bands such as Spring King, Blossoms, The Amazons & Prides on their UK Tours.


Firstly, how was it performing at your biggest London show to date?

Brilliant. Great crowd. We really do love coming down South, the people are different & we have always been very well treated by the crowds here.

We know you can be quite energetic on stage. Was there anything you did differently in terms of creating a certain type of atmosphere for the audience?

We just wanna make people dance and give them a good show. We are an out and out live band and thrive off crowds. Whenever we play a new city the aim is to always make them dance.

Your biggest headline show to date at Manchester Academy 2 is coming up too on March 31st, is there anything special you have planned for that?

Academy 2 is gonna be huge, we are all really, really excited. Ticket sales have been incredible and we are hoping to sell out very soon. The thought of potentially playing to over 900 people is a mad thought. In terms of special things we cannot give too much away.

It’s well known your music is heavily inspired by 70’s/80’s disco & funk such as CHIC, but where did that stem from? Were you all brought up on that kind of music?

There is a mutual love for funk and 80’s music in the band. I guess the fact our parents were brought up in the 70’s/80’s shows there is some connection but generally as we have all grown up we have developed a deep appreciation for funk, soul and dance music. Early days for all of us consisted of 2000’s Indie/Rock music and GTA Soundtracks.

What messages do you aim to portray with your music and even image, if any?

We’re all very normal lads, I guess the fact we are all so down to earth gives off it’s own message. But generally we aim to portray a message that individuality and equality is important. As 4 friends we are all extremely different people, we think differently, dress differently, have different interests but together as a band we are a unit and that is something special. We never set out to win over any particular fan base and from the past few years we seem to have won over a wide range of people/music lovers all from very different backgrounds.

What do No Hot Ashes stand for? Whether it be politically, socially or culturally?

Well it stands for don’t put burning embers in your wheelie bins but more importantly than that as mentioned before we stand for equality, individuality and acceptance for all Politically we could go on all day but to keep things short we are all proud labour supporters.

What is your creative process like? Do you prefer a methodical way of song writing or do you like to jam together and create something from a pure feeling and energy in that moment?

We’ve pretty much kept the writing process the same for the past few years. Normally Isaac (Lead Singer) & Luigi (Guitarist) will create the bones of a song and bring it to full band practices at which point the rhythm section can add their parts to make the song NHA. Since 2014 we have worked with our close friend Gavin Monaghan (Editors, The Twang, The Sherlocks, JAWS) and have recorded all of our songs at his Magic Garden Studio V2 & V3. Gavin & his assistant Joe have completely changed the way we produce our music. We now think of aspects about songs much earlier on in the process and have become very comfortable in the studio now. They never fail to surprise us and we love bringing them our songs and letting them push us as musicians to produce the best music we can.


“As passionate musicians we think it is in our DNA to keep experimenting musically. It keeps things fresh and exciting.”


Is there a limit to how far your sound goes? Do you want to explore new boundaries and styles or is a pop/disco-funk sound where the band wants to remain and focus on developing it as much as possible?

We will continue to experiment each and every studio session. We can honestly say not one of the past singles we have recorded has been the same process wise. Production wise we have always aimed to give something different each time whether it be synth inspired, a brass section, or a string quartet. As passionate musicians we think it is in our DNA to keep experimenting musically. It keeps things fresh and exciting.

From your experience as musicians, what’s one piece of advice you would give to budding musicians trying to make a name for the themselves?

Don’t upset people, what goes around comes around. We have always prided ourselves on being respectable to anyone in the industry. Yes, sometimes we have had to be firm and stand our ground but generally no matter how badly we feel we had been treated we kept smiling and grafting away. Its hard but you can’t let small drawbacks stop you moving forward. Good life advice from ya boys NHA.

Beside your upcoming headline show in Manchester, is there anything exciting coming up you can tell us about?

Loads of exciting stuff to come this year and we are excited, everyone should be excited. Can’t say much but stick with us and be excited.

With brilliant responses from fans and your ever-growing popularity, do you plan on taking your music beyond the UK with an aim to establish a name in the US or Europe anytime soon?

Definitely, without a doubt. If the opportunity ever arises we’ll be standing their bags packed with passports in hand. We love travelling and meeting new people and to be able to spread that further around the world would be incredible.