Meet band of brothers Mushy Callahan, the Canadian indie-rockers behind the awesome track ‘Deep Meadow’

What do Mushy Callahan and the Jackson 5 have in common? Next to nothing. Well, other than the fact that they’re all related. Being four brothers in the same band must be tough – especially if you’re all competetive, and let’s face it, when siblings are involved, who isn’t? We wanted to go behind the scenes and find out what it’s like to work and go on tour with your family, and of course, to find out what inspired the powerful indie-rock masterpiece that is ‘Deep Meadow’.

First off, could you introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about yourselves and the band.

We’re an indie rock band out of Canada, we just so happen to be brothers as well. We’ve been playing together as “Mushy Callahan” for about 6/7 years.

What’s it like being four brothers in the same band? Is there any ‘friendly’ rivalry?

Absolutely, we’re all a very competitive bunch, it took us some time to really understand each other and how best to respect each other while working together. In the early stages, the rivalry was not so “friendly” – we’re in a good place now after years of doing this together.

When did you first decide to make music together? Did one of you introduce the other or was music always a shared hobby?

Everyone in our immediate family plays music and is a musician, our father is a guitar player and songwriter and our mother is a bass player and a music teacher. We all took piano lessons at a very young age and eventually branched off to other instruments. Jake our bass player was a drummer at first – but we needed a bass player so he took that up instead so he could join the band.

Also, I’ve got to ask – did you name yourselves Mushy Callahan after the boxer of the same name? Is there a story behind it?

Our grandfather went by the boxing moniker Mushy “The Kid” Callahan, there’s a very famous Mushy Callahan which I’m sure he was named after. It seems as though boxing nicknames are something that are used/copied/modified across generations. So it was a way to honour our grandfather who I think was pretty proud of it, unfortunately, he passed away last year.

As a band, what musicians would you say are your main influences?

We grew up on a lot of 60’s and 70’s classic rock, so that is definitely at the forefront of our influences. The Doors, Grand Funk Railroad, Steely Dan, stuff like that. I think some of the more modern day bands we are influenced by are The Strokes, Kings of Leon, Ryan Adams and Lord Huron to name a few.

Moving on to your new track, ‘Deep Meadow’, what was the inspiration behind the lyrics and feel of the song?

The inspiration came from a feeling of running from your past and not looking back. We wanted the song to have a happy, upbeat tone.. it’s one we normally play first in our live set as it’s high energy and fun to play.

Can you tell us a little bit about the rest of the songs on the EP? Have you got a date set for its release?

We have 6 song EP set for release on January 19th, 2018. Every song has a different feel to it so we feel like there is something for everyone on this EP. Our sound has definitely evolved a bit from our last LP so we’re excited to show where our music is headed.

Have you got any gigs lined up?

We’re starting to book dates now in early 2018 to follow up on the release of the EP.

Can we expect you in the UK any time soon?

We’d love to come back to U.K., we got to play in a couple places in the U.K. a little while back, from Bristol, Manchester, London, Exeter and even stopping in Wales. It was a great tour everyone was very kind and we met a lot of great local bands.


Mushy Callahan’s new EP is set for release on January 19th, 2018