Motion CNTRL tell us how they cooled things down for their soothing electronic symphony: ‘In The Dream’

Motion CNTRL‘s ‘IN THE DREAM’ is a track that is both sublimely soothing and aggravatingly addictive. The LA duo manipulate shoegaze sonic structures to create a track which washes over you in a haze of vocals, strings, synths and beats. We caught up with them to have a chat…

Your latest single ‘In the Dream’ is about being in awe of life and the world we live in. Was there a specific moment or occurrence that inspired this theme and the track to be written?

It was really the process of writing these new songs.  The music led us to these moments lyrically and melodically, that caused us to stand back and take a look at how profound life truly is.  Those feelings really shaped the outcome.. 

Are there any other particular themes you tend to try and focus on in your work?

We’ve always been drawn towards writing about the complexities of human relationships; how you can use the good and the bad as opportunities for growth and evolving.

What messages do Motion CNTRL want to portray?

Acceptance, inclusion and peace.

Artistically, in the long term, what are your goals?

We’ve been working as an independent band from the beginning, doing so much of the work ourselves. And with the help of an amazing and supportive community of fellow musicians, producers, and collaborators we’ve met along the way, our music has evolved into something we are really proud of. Both of us have always been super interested in visual art, so we would love to bring that into our music and see some of the concepts we’ve envisioned come to fruition.

What atmosphere do you try and influence when performing live?

We haven’t performed live in a while but when we have,  we try to create an atmosphere of fun and non-judgement. We’ve incorporated dancers and live instruments to juxtapose our electronic sounds.  In the future we’d love to have an immersive live show that fully envelops the audience.   

What is your creative process like?

It’s pretty spontaneous. We usually we’ll start with a stripped down instrumental and then add a hook or a verse.  The songs develop organically over the course of a few sessions.  We work quickly during the initial writing stages, but are very deliberate in finishing the songs overall.   

If both of you could bring back one musician from the dead, who would it be and why?

Luke: George Harrison is a real inspiration. he was a humanitarian of the highest order. he used his music to promote his values in a way that was powerful and articulate and never devolved into cheesiness. 

Allyce:  I would have loved to have seen David Bowie in my lifetime. Such a unique, creative inspiration.

Do you have anything exciting lined up for the future? Such as albums, tours etc.?

We have an additional EP aside from “Envision” in the final stages, hoping to come out Spring/Summer 2018. Oh, and Luke just had a baby, which is pretty exciting.