A band of four best friends making “dancey pop tunes” in the North West of England, meet Motherhood. After the release of recent banger ‘Clueless’, we had a chat with Evan from the band to get to know this group, full of promising young talent, on another level.

All about Tinder, ‘Clueless’ is a track that the majority of young singletons can most probably relate to. “It’s sort of about my experience with modern dating in general” Evan notes, “which obviously reaches its lowest point on Tinder… I’m sure I’ve seen a good five of my Tinder matches at our local Tesco. Which makes a simple purchase of Diet Coke and cheese very, very awkward.”

Tinder along with a variety of other dating platforms aren’t the only thing to inspire these young musicians, though: “we’re inspired by the amount of music we all listen to, we’re all quite different to each other in our listening habits” Evan explains. “We like to try to make our music have the same magic that makes us like those tracks so much.”  

At the moment, Evan is very into Kanye West’s 808s and Heartbreaks and Prince’s back catalogue, Ed, after months of pushing from Evan, has finally listened to Drake’s Views and bassist Shea is currently spinning the new Maggie Rogers EP, whilst guitarist, Sully, is all about John Mayer right now, so it’s definitely clear that their inspirations are incredibly varied from love to the genre of music and also to their location.

The North West of England and more specifically Liverpool has always been a bit of a hub for creativity, which seems to be on the rise more and more each day. This has definitely helped these lads out, as Evan states “there’s nothing more inspiring for a band in a scene to be surrounded by peers making so much great music! It pushes us further, keeps us on our toes and inspires us to write the best songs we can.”

Now ‘Clueless’ has been unleashed to the world, Evan explains that they’re constantly writing and have built up quite a back catalogue of tunes that they’re preparing to unleash, “we’ve not been around for too long, so we’re just making sure that everything we put out is as strong as we think it can be, we want to get our music into as many ear holes as possible this year.”

So, with that in mind, keep your ear holes open and welcoming to future tracks from Motherhood, as if they’re anything like ‘Clueless’ you won’t want to miss out.