The San Diego act discuss being vulnerable as songwriters…

Sometimes at the end of the day, I’ll sit in my car staring at my garage just thinking. Sometimes it will be for 30 minutes and sometimes for two hours. I’ll think about the day, the people I met or encountered, the position I am in and why I am in it and the reason I exist and what I am doing to fulfill my purpose. I believe this is where songs come to me most.

Songs to me are already there just waiting to be written. I think sometimes we can butcher them but most of the time they are just happy to exist. I also think that sometimes, they are perfect. The songs I have written so far haven’t achieved that title but who knows, maybe one day I’ll finally do it.

I recently began watching the show Black Mirror and the concepts from the episodes have been making me lay up at night. I thought to myself one night, what if my life here is just a way of creating a specific song. What if everything that happens to me in life is created and pre-planned to stimulate ideas that lead to more ideas, that eventually line up with a song that I write, that is perfect. What if God is a musician and he really just wants me to have original ideas that lead to the perfect song and everything is music and my only purpose is writing something worth listening to. I’m not trying to be prideful by saying I can write a perfect song or that I’m even an amazing musician. I am more so saying what if this is all a setup?

“It’s hard to share your heart and know that some people just won’t like it”

I write songs based on experiences, I’m pretty sure the majority of artists do. When I write I have to use the five senses. I want people to experience what I am singing about. I want them to be there. They probably already have been there in some way or form. I always think to myself how can I say something simple that I know other people have experienced but also say it in a way that makes the listener step back and reflect and maybe even say “holy crap that’s me”.

It’s hard to share your heart and know that some people just won’t like it. I know that a lot of artists struggle with this and feel they have to play it safe and not get too weird with the content they release. I never want to get to that place. I always want to follow the melodies that keep me up at night. I always want to write music with my best friends and I always want to sing about things that fill me up and make me real.

“Music is Love in search of the words” – Hey Ocean!

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