Close your eyes and picture your perfect night in a club. Dark rooms, the sweet smell of dry ice, the robust bass reverberating through your bones. The rattles of garage beats skirt around you as the soul-toned voice of a female singer drifts through the speakers. Earnest and mature, that voice is MARIN, a 23 year old North Londoner with a palpable love for dark pop infused with RnB.
Her recent single ‘Elixir’ grabbed our attention as well as that of publications such as CLASH, and with her debut EP Only Echoes now out in the world she is set to enchant pop and RnB fans alike. Get a little more acquainted with the artist and her unique brand of music…
Your recent single ‘Elixir’ has caused quite a stir! Tell us about how it came to life? 
I’m amazed and so grateful so many people like it – I wrote it in the middle of the night a few years ago then struggled to get the production right for ages. I wanted to get rid and never release it at one point, then Ambassadeurs gave it a new lease of life and it’s now one of my favourites.  

You have previously stated that you wrote the track – and your new EP, Only Echoes – about mental health. Was writing music a cathartic experience for you? If so, how so? 

Definitely. If I didn’t feel up to talking about something, I’d scribble about it in a diary. Lots of those notes eventually became song lyrics and the whole process helped me deal with a lot.  

How do you feel in regards to being so open with your audience about your own struggles? Is there anything that you hope they will feel after listening to Only Echoes

If they take something from it, they take something from it – amazing. But it’s not really about getting a specific reaction. 

Your music incorporates garage beats and dark electronic elements. What led you down that route?  

I listen to a lot of instrumental music – lots of minimal, experimental electronic stuff so it’s only natural that that would influence my own writing.  
Have you always been a fan of those genres? Are there any artists you admire? 
There are so many people to name – everyone from Burial, Fwdslxsh, Botany, Bonobo, Zomby, Bearcubs, Arca… I could go on for ages.
You have a distinct and impressive vocal that really fuels your music. What is your first memory of singing and what made you decide to start? 
Thanks. It was actually a music teacher in primary school who sort of forced me to join performance groups and such. I started getting all the solos and thought ‘I must be alright at this’ so started taking it a bit more seriously. 
If you could collaborate with one artist on a future release, who would it be and why? 
I think James Blake is still number one on the list. His voice is amazing and the production is always so interesting. 
What albums are you loving right now? 
Jessie Reyez’s, and I’ve had the Sampha album on repeat since it came out.  

What else do you have in store for 2017?

Releasing some more music hopefully! 
Marin’s EP Only Echoes is available now.