“the music industry game is super tough as it is, if you don’t really truly enjoy and love it, you might as well work in a bank.”

Meet alt-R&B singer-songwriter and PhD student Marie Dahlstrom, who joins us to chat about creativity, authenticity and a behind the scenes look at the brilliant DIY video for her new release ‘Before Then,’ featuring collaborator and friend The Naked Eye. With the release of her new EP ‘Nine’ in October this year, we wanted to get to know the artist behind the number.

Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your music?

I’m Danish…. and a bit Spanish, Russian, and Swedish haha… I recently discovered my heritage! I make music – In my room mostly – and try to grow with every project I release and develop my musical skills. I would say my music has influences from Jazz, R&B, Soul and Hip-Hop mostly… Not quite sure how to define that, it’s always tricky!


When did you first decide to make music, and what inspired you to do so?

I don’t feel like I ‘decided it’, really… I just went with it, without knowing what exactly it was going to bring me, and I haven’t been able to switch it off ever since. It just stays with me, and I feel it’s a huge part of my identity. I always come back to music. It’s the most important thing to me.


Your music has a very raw and authentic feel to it – do you think that music should always revolve around emotion and feeling?

I think so, personally… that is what connects me to music.

 You’ve said in an interview before that you didn’t have a ‘goal’ in terms of making your music – do you feel that music should only be made for the sake of creativity?

I feel like music should be made because that’s what you want to do – the music industry game is super tough as it is, if you don’t really truly enjoy and love it, you might as well work in a bank.


In your new video for ‘Before Then’ with The Naked Eye, we get a glimpse into your creative process – can you tell us a little bit about the idea behind the video?

We wanted to give an insight into a typical ‘day in the life.’ Our friend Rory followed us around that day, while we were writing and recording – we wanted it to be as natural as possible and to capture the reality of what went into writing and recording the song and the real friendship we have.


How did that collaboration come about?

Francesca and I are really good friends, so we just sat down one evening, with a bottle of red wine and started writing haha! We were in a similar place in our personal life, so I think that was what connected us, writing this specific song.


Can you tell us about your creative process in terms of your music as a whole; do you feel inspiration just comes to you naturally?

Yes, I feel like inspiration comes to me, quite naturally. I just write when I can, and usually I have the chords or melody first, and then the rest comes after. There’s no real formula for me.


You’re also studying a PhD investigating the effects of the use of the voice in parent-infant relationships – do your studies influence your music in any way?

I don’t think it influences the actual music that I make – but I think it effects the way I view being a musician, and just how much it means to me. It makes me appreciate it even more.


What was the main inspiration behind your new EP ‘Nine’? Can you tell us a little bit about the tracks?

Heartbreak, and feeling a need to create music. Everything came together in a very natural way.


Can we expect any more collaborations with The Naked Eye or other artists?

Defo The Naked Eye… also, Sophie Faith and I will be producing a few songs on Sipprell’s upcoming EP.


Do you enjoy playing music live? What has been your most memorable experience so far?

Yeah I really do. I think my most recent headline show, a couple days ago was such a good experience. The audience was amazing, and it was nice performing the new songs from Nine.


Have you got any more live shows coming up?

Yes, I have a headline show coming up – 22nd of March, you can get tickets here: