Once in a while, an artist arrives who holds an astounding sense of confidence, an aura of self-poise that breathes life into their creative endeavours. So far, LUHA has only two songs to her name, but her dedication to her craft is more than clear. Take a brief skim of the singer-songwriter’s social media and you will discover that her creative endeavours are instead a fully realised experience encapsulating an appreciation of nature, cultural history and an admirable DIY ethic, working alongside fellow creatives such as Joss Gunnarsdóttir and Mira Kurkiala.

The aforementioned ‘SHE’ is the latest single by LUHA, and somehow manages to surmise every influence stated above. The beats are primitive and often foreboding, abruptly tearing through the reverie created by the subtle production and LUHA’s alluringly smooth vocal. As is the case with her previous single ‘Blue Whale’, it is LUHA’s vocal and ability to tastefully showcase it in the structure of her songs that sets her apart from many of her alt-pop contemporaries, weaving a fully immersive atmosphere which fully envelops any listener.

Listen to ‘SHE’ below, and introduce yourself to LUHA’s world…

LUHA’s ‘SHE’ is available on Soundcloud now.

Your latest track ‘SHE’ is ethereal and stunning – we fell in love with it! Can you tell us a little about what inspired the track?

I guess I’ve always been an activist at heart (LUHA frequently shares Greenpeace and nature conservation campaigns on her Twitter) and music is my way to mediate my thoughts and emotions. I’ve always had a strong connection with nature and ‘SHE’ is about the relationship of humans to our fragile surroundings.

Your previous single ‘Blue Whale’ got you some much deserved blog attention! What was it like to receive such great feedback?

I’m very happy it got such great response; it gets me motivated to do even more music. 

What inspires your songwriting? Are there themes that you tend to draw from time and again?

I really don’t think that much when I’m making music. It might sound strange, but it just happens. I get really inspired when I look at a good movie or documentary or if I’m out in the world traveling and exploring.

What led you to creating ambient pop? 

It came very naturally. I think maybe it has to do with me as a person and my personality. It’s dreamy, sometimes gloomy and it has a lot of layers, a bit like me.

Was there a specific moment in time that you realised that you had to pursue your music as a career?

It was quite recently that I decided to really make an effort to make music a career. I’ve always wanted to work with music but now when I’m a bit older I have a little more confidence to really try.

There is not much information about yourself or your project online. Was this a conscious decision? If so, why?

I love secrets. It doesn’t really matter what it is but if it’s a secret you just want to know more and more.

What do you hope to achieve as LUHA?

Maybe I have my head up in the clouds but I would really want to make an impact and not follow the same way as everyone else, to really make [this project] my own.

What can we expect from you next in 2017?

Secrets. Lots of them, but I promise to reveal them all very soon.