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Bringing energy, solid grooves and (ever so slightly) dodgy moves, Worcester’s Lower Loveday make infectious indie for filling dance floors.

Developing a strong following with their catchy singles, ferocious live shows and big internet presence, Lower Loveday are fast becoming a name to watch out for in 2019.

Ever the modern rock band, the four-piece aren’t shy of social media, with an active YouTube channel and a desire to stay connected with fans over their love of Arctic Monkeys (and more besides).

We caught up with the band ahead of their headline hometown show this Thursday, at Marrs Bar in Worcester, to chat about the twist of fate that brought them together, their biggest inspirations and their ambitions for the future.

Hi guys! Please introduce yourselves – who are Lower Loveday?
Hello! We are Lower Loveday, Melodic Indie Rock band looking to change the musical landscape!

When did you decide to form Lower Loveday, we hear it was when you were in school?
Yes well me (Tom, Drums) and Mark (Vocals), first formed a band for a year 8 talent show which we ended up winning! However the band didn’t last in the long run as we both went our separate ways at Uni (Where I lived on Lower Loveday street hence the name). Then we fortuitously met up on a gap year literally on the other side of the world in Sydney, and Mark heard the demos I had made and we decided then that when we got back we will take these songs and fulfil our dreams so that’s where we are now, at the start of that process!

Your debut track ‘Is It Right’ has done really well, tell us a bit about it?
So ‘Is It Right?’ has done really well for us on streaming sites and it’s really just a fun, poppy, riffy, dancey tune then will have you bopping along and singing along! And then there’s the guitar solo… And the reaction has been amazing we’ve got featured on various blogs and playlists because of it and we’ve had so many people message us telling us how much they love the tune so we couldn’t be any happier about the reaction really!

And yes that combined with hearing our other track ‘Chains’ be featured on This Morning really was a couple of the high points from the summer! Seeing Holly Willoughby and Philip Scofield dancing along to our tune has got to be up there!

Which artist inspires you most regarding your sound?
We’d have to say Arctic Monkeys inspires us most as they have been my favourite band for over a decade now, and so they’ve had a massive impact on my songwriting and style.

What would you like to achieve as Lower Loveday?
As Lower Loveday we really want to go all the way. We think that if you dream high enough and believe in yourself then anything is possible. And we think that we have the songs and the live performance to make that happen. It’s just going to be a couple of years of getting our music out there as much as possible!

Where would you place yourself in modern music scenes?
In modern music scenes I like to think that we can be the first guitar band to properly break the popular music genre for the first time in a fair few years! I think we have that perfect mix of catchy tunes, but with great music behind it with relatable lyrics, that is something popular culture needs and that people can get on board with. Because at the minute with guitar, music that just isn’t happening the tunes aren’t really there to do that.

Talk to us about your Youtube channel, you’re quite active with a variety of videos, what’s your aim here?
Yes on our youtube channel we like to discuss topics that our fans are interested in, so that’s album reviews or discussing our favourite bands, just so that we can put out some additional content out there for our fans to enjoy and hopefully they feel more a part of the band themselves for us taking on board what videos they want us to do etc!

Do you have any more releases lined up before the end of the year?
For the rest of the year, we have a mashup of an Ed Sheeran and an Arctic Monkeys song that we’ve made a video for which we will be releasing very soon which is pretty cool! Very excited for that to come out as we think that could go viral as its pretty unique! Then we are heading back in the studio in December and we are going to re-release one of our songs You Could’ve Been My Queen releasing with a new video too! So we are most definitely not done with this year yet!

For the future, are there any plans to tour? If so, where?
We are building up now to hopefully tour next Summer. We are starting to gain fans all over the UK now especially in Manchester and London so we definitely want to get out there and play to our fans all over the country!

Finally – sum up in 3 words what Lower Loveday is.
Catchy. Punchy. Riffy.

To get tickets for Lower Loveday’s show this Thursday, click here