“Always in movement,” meet Liza Anne the Nashville based artist about to steal your heart away.

Credit: Tom McGeehan

“Describing ‘my sound’ feels like an arrival and I’m always in movement,” Liza explains to us, “my sound has changed since the beginning and will continue to evolve in whatever way I do personally.”

Liza’s recent release ‘Paranoia’ “deals with the angry and disruptive bits inside of me,” she tells us, “anger that has probably been repressed since I was told as a child to be sweeter and easier to digest as a human being.”  

“Letting my anger out in music makes me feel so powerful and free.”

When it comes to inspiration for her music, movement is her muse. “I am completely floored by realities and humans that I only experience for seconds at a time – watching an entire city pass through a window, sitting next to someone on a train, notice a couple have an argument over a silent dinner table.”

With an exciting spring tour to look forward to, Liza tells us how she’s over the moon, especially with the Nashville date: “I hardly play here, even though I’ve lived here for 6 years. It always feels like a homecoming.”

Liza released Fine But Dying back in March, “I’m going to live in her world for as long as I can – but I have started writing what will follow her. I am always working on something,” she reveals. “I want to always have freedom to create whatever world I need to heal and grow,” looking at this job like therapy, “I get to sit here and feel and emote and write and exist. I never want to put out anything that isn’t giving me that gift.”  

“I never want to stop meaning what I create.”