“My music is like a vast soundscape with emotional impact.” A bold statement from Welsh born, Bath based artist, Little Rêd. One listen to single ‘Hell’ and it does more than live up to expectations, new track ‘What Is Love’ performs similarly, taking a much more upbeat route, production wise, yet keeping that emotional depth that Little Rêd is so quickly becoming well known for.

“In a straight forward sense, my sound is definitely alternative pop” she explains, adding “I want to create music that is accessible, but still has something quirky to it.” Something that is crystal clear in recent effort ‘What Is Love’, channelling those accessible pop sensibilities a lot more than in her debut ‘Hell’.

It wasn’t always meant to take a more upbeat route, however, “funnily enough, it was originally written as a piano ballad!” she reveals. “I co-wrote this song with my friend Ed Tullett, who also co-wrote ‘Hell’. I just decided that I wanted to have a bit more impact and I worked with a great producer called Mason Neely to find the right sound for it.” A track about the point of a new relationship where you’re not quite in love, but it’s starting to seem like you could be, Little Rêd pushed the production to reflect that feeling as much as possible.

Self-teaching herself how to play guitar after watching her Dad play from a young age, pairing that with an additional love of singing and it wasn’t long before Little Rêd turned to songwriting: “There’s only so many covers I could learn before I got bored!” she laughs.

Taking inspiration from real life when it comes to lyrical matter, Little Rêd writes about herself and her friends more than anything else. “Anything I can get an authentic response from. Musically, I love artists like The Japanese House, Kate Bush and Ben Howard to name a few.”

Debut track ‘Hell’ came complete with a live video, taking the opportunity to introduce herself to the world in the best way, by proving to everyone that her raw talent is completely pure. “I enjoy being able to hear that an artist sounds like they do on the record, I wanted to try and show that” she explains.

In terms of live shows, Little Rêd has done a mix of stripped back sets, as well as those with a fuller sound, “playing with a fuller sound is a lot of fun because it adds a lot of dynamic and texture which really impacts the performance of the songs, but playing stripped back sets shows a whole different side to the songs. I love doing both.” She notes.

“I’m going to be playing the Riviera festival stripped back – just me and my electric guitar!” she informs us. So if any of you lucky festival goers are heading to Riviera, be prepared to witness the more vulnerable side to Little Rêd’s tracks. 

As well as Riviera, you’ll also be able to find Little Rêd at Secret Garden Party and The Big Cwtch this year. “I haven’t done that many festival slots, but they’re always fun to do.” She comments. “The thing is with festivals, especially when you’re a smaller artist, you really have to try and engage with people in a different way. These people haven’t paid to come and see you like they do at a standard gig, so you’ve got to make them coming to see you worth their while!”

With that in mind, we’re sure that it will be more than worth your while to go and see her perform.

Upcoming Live Dates:

15 June – The Wheatsheaves, Frome (w/ Martha Tilston)

16 July – Gwdihw, Cardiff (Healthy Mind: A Radio Glamorgan/Cardiff Mind Fundraiser)