LINES are the unconventional four-piece outfit opting out of indie rock, and instead choose to unleash their anthemic dance-pop to the masses

Alt-pop creators LINES emerged mysteriously out of an act of hedonism in Berlin, which caused them to return to Stockholm newly united as a band. With lyrics that attempt to deal with social constructs and infectious, melodic hooks, LINES create intransigent pop which touches on themes of isolation, escapism and what the band refer to as “obsessive and destructive love.” The band say: “We’re not Rage Against The Machine in our politics but we try to express some kind of social commentary in our lyrics. Perhaps more like a graffiti tag would.” We caught up with them for a chat…

Firstly, we know LINES was born from a trip to indulge in the hedonism of Berlin. Why Berlin?

For the cocktails and amour. Nothing beats the Berlin atmosphere and club scene, especially if you’re in need of a fast escape and dig electronic music… Plus the ticket is cheap and the people are pretty.

Can you give us an insight into what happened in Berlin that lead to the creation of LINES?

*Error, memory erased.

Your music is not what you’d expect from a four piece outfit – it’s not typical in the sense that it isn’t conventional band/rock music. What made you want to create electronic music?

Electronic music allows you to be really creative and push boundaries. We’ve all spend a lot of time in various rehearsal spaces already, don’t get us wrong – we love it and when we rehearse we’re pretty much a rock band. But our vision when we started LINES was the total freedom of not being tied down to instruments or specific sounds. Working with hardware, software, synthesizers and samples allows us to explore further into the unknown of the uncharted sonic landscapes.

What is the purpose of your music? Do you have certain aims or goals you want to achieve with it?

To express ourselves, play around the world and meet new people.

What do LINES stand for as a band, whether it be politically, culturally or socially?


For obvious reasons, dance music is popular in clubs; do you write your music to create certain atmospheres live or when played in a club?

We think our music is very much club orientated cause it consists the same elements as modern dance music but still with a clear Swedish melancholy twist.

What is your creative process like?

It really varies, it can be a mess or the total opposite. It can be jamming out a beat in the studio or mixing and matching different parts of songs we’ve written separately. We truly don’t have a formula for it, we’re 3 singles out and so far they’ve all been written using different methods. Some racks write themselves and others hurt as f*** to finish.

As you’re not a conventional band, what does each band member bring to the table?

We’re like the ninja turtles, everyone’s got their different special skills and we love pizza.

There’s a big difference between what inspires and what influences someone. What or who inspires you the most?

Everything and everyone. We recently finished shooting the video for Lockdown and a good example is the cast. For some weird reason we just happened to cast the most amazing people and that made for a very inspiring creative process. That feeds into the music that feeds into the visuals that feeds into us as people. Our senses are always tingling.

What or who influences you the most?

Since we’re Swedish the answer is simple, the weather.

Do you have anything exciting coming up such as tours, gigs, albums etc?

Hells yeah, we got two videos coming out real soon and will celebrate that with an underground ritual get together! We’re also doing a couple of shows including the new club LE at Berns here in Stockholm, really excited to see what they’ve done with the place.