“Experimentation, conspiracy theories, comic books, old techno, new techno, punk…” Just to name a few influences of the noisy electronic duo, Kalli Ma. This is likely the reason behind their strong, but strange debut single, ‘Promises’.

Jeremy has been into his music since he was around 13, with only his styles of music changing since then with his love of music unencumbered. The other half of Kalli Ma, Danny came to England to work with music, so it’s obvious between the two where their passion lies.

The London-based band create all their music in a community-driven creative space. “It’s an amazing London gem. It’s not a money driven space, it exists to give platforms to all types of art and support the local community.” Talking to different people between recordings is a great help to the final product. “They’ve got a really great team over there. When you’re working on a track or a mix, it’s always handy to have a fresh set of ears in case you’re losing perspective.”

Even in this set-up, their creative process is forever changing. “We try the same part over different instruments, record, sample, then record again. Sometimes one of us bring it more fully formed, then the other deconstructs everything.” They both come up with ideas for the track, whether it be the vocals or samples. “From there we either record a 20-30-minute jam trying to flesh it out and then begin to edit it down, or one of us takes the track away and we work separately.”

You can see exactly how this worked with ‘Promises’. Jeremy said for the origin of the chaotic, yet dreamy track, “It started after just playing around with a bassline I had in my head. From there it was a case of getting the layering of the drums right. After I put together a general arrangement of the track I gave it to Danny who came up with most of the lead lines and melody for the track.”

They’re not just stopping at a single. They have a few live gigs and DJ sets in the line-up over the next couple of months. “We’re supporting Wolfgang Flur who is an absolute legend on 2nd March, plus our DJ sets with Cold Cave and Atari Teenage Riot. There’s a lot of material still under wraps. The next release is pretty much ready but I can’t reveal a lot at the moment!” But that’s not all, potential collaborations are also on the horizon to accompany the duo’s experimental beats. “We’re currently putting together our next release and, also working with a range of different guest singers.”

Whether they prefer DJ sets over live is debatable. Trying to one up each other with DJ tracks is the best part according to Jeremy. “The DJ set is pretty cool and more “in the box”. We’ve been DJ’ing around London for quite a while now under different guises. Live is more risky and organic elements as everything can fall apart at any moment. I love both, but playing live is always more natural and exciting for me personally, for that reason.”

“Music is the only thing I know, if it wasn’t for music I’d probably be dead by now. Or maybe would have gone to draw comic books (really badly!)” Let’s hope 2017 is a good year for Danny and Jeremy of Kalli Ma, which from the sounds of their single, it’s a sure thing.