Electro-pop is one of our staples here at Born Music, so when we encounter a new artist who tackles the genre with aplomb, well, we sure do get excited! Therefore, it is a pleasure to introduce you to Californian artist JENNA KYLE, whose delicious sound is set to spark a buzz in the blogosphere in the coming months. Her track ‘Dust’ ticks all the boxes; slow burning synths and sludgy beats overlaid by a sultry vocal – what’s not to love? We caught up with Jenna to find out more…

Your new track ‘Dust’ is deliciously moody electro-pop – we love it! Can you tell us a little about what inspired the track?

Thanks, I’m glad you like it! I generally like the Lynchian concept that the art was created for the audience to interpret, and they should be left to forge the link. With ‘Dust’ I was coming out of a moment where I had made some giant life changes, and had experienced turnover with several relationships, which all hit at once. It’s like when you wake up from a perfect dream and you try to go back to sleep to return into that world, but can’t, you actually have to get up and face your reality. A lot of my music has to do with layering textures and scenes of past and present, and stoicism.

You have an intriguing tone to your voice. How long have you been singing; is it something that you have always actively pursued?

Why, thank you! Well everybody is meant to sing. I’ve been singing since I could talk and pressed keys on the piano from around 2 years old probably. I started singing on every “stage” I could find… usually the back of one of my Dad’s pickup trucks. I never considered myself to be actively pursuing music, especially not in a “solo artist” sort of way, but just looking for outlets to create harmonies and sing with other people. For me it’s a necessity. Aside from meditation, singing and playing music is my ultimate way to be present.

Was there a moment that you realised that you had to pursue music as more than just a hobby?

I mean, I try not to take myself all that seriously! I think that moment happened when I moved to New York, and I became surrounded by friends who were actively pursuing creative endeavors. I started singing at a friend’s picnic at a park on the West Side one day, which was probably my first time really singing in over a year at that point, and my friends were basically like, “You have to do this.” It was like they gave me permission to pursue it.

You sang in a choir at high school, even traveling to London to perform in St Paul’s Cathedral. What was that experience like for you?

My high school choir got the opportunity to compete in the UK, which was my first time leaving the States. In between sneaking around and doing teenager things, we sang latin hymns at St. Paul’s cathedral in London, which was probably my first really deep experience with music. The way the sound bounced in the cathedral, you could feel the waves buzzing through your skull bones, off your skin. It was hypnotising.

You previously said that you began dabbling on the piano at the age of two. Are you from a musical household?

Somewhat. My Mom was always singing and dancing through the house, and the music was always on. My grandparents are also really into theatre and classical music, so I think that was all very informative.

Have your parents always been supportive of your musical ambitions? Have they actively encouraged you to pursue it through your childhood?

My parents have always been really supportive, and nurtured my creativity. I wouldn’t say they really encouraged me pursue it professionally, though! What parent would want that for their child? My brother is also a talented musician, and he was the one focusing on music when we were younger.

You have a very eclectic music taste and which has followed you throughout your life, being raised on classic disco, Michael Jackson and folk icons such as Willie Nelson before turning to reggae, acappella and later house and techno.

With such a variety of influences at play, how did you come to settle on your moody electro-pop sound?

Ah, so many greats! Man, I want to do every type of music. I’m like a little sponge, and I just want to transmit whatever comes through me. So far, the songs I write just sound this way.

Are you going to stick with electro-pop, or are you going to draw more of those influences into your future work?

For now, I’m really enjoying this sound, but with time, I can definitely see evolution coming. I love to collaborate as well, and have several new partnerships forming, so that is always inspiring.

‘Dust’ is a brilliant introduction to your sound, but what can we expect next from you?

I’m going to release another single in February, and some visuals. I’ve been working with some really talented artists that I look up to, while focusing on a longer EP. I’m also exploring an interactive art-tech installation component. Can’t talk specifics yet, but that’s a project that’s just beginning to take form.

Jenna Kyle’s single ‘Dust’ is available now.