A carpenter by day, multi-instrumentalist Hudson Scott caught up with us to talk about his latest single, his influences and his future plans.

Hudson Scott is a man that has let the music do the talking. Having kept a solid release schedule over the past two years, Scott has released single after single of eclectic, funky, dance-pop tunes that showcase his expertise as a song-writer and his wonderfully unique warbling voice. We’ve covered Scott several times already on the site, and each time has been a treat.

Scott has worked a lot with acts such as Foals and TEED, but now is the time for the cog in the machine to become the machine itself. With his own music, Scott becomes the leader, working with musicians to orchestrate intricate melodies and finely tuned grooves. We recently caught up with Scott to talk about his latest single ‘Lone Wolf’, while also discussing his influences and how he goes about creating his music.

Congratulations on the release of your new single ‘Lone Wolf’; we couldn’t stop dancing to it! Can you tell us a bit more about the creation of the track and what it means to you?

Thanks! I’m glad it got you dancing. ‘Lone Wolf’ started with a well trodden formula of mine; drones on synth, a dive into the percussion box, bass line then vocals. This is a comfortable way for me to get something down that feels good and grooves, trouble with this approach is figuring out what the lyrical content is. I ended up really liking the lyrics though, it has a strong core to me.

Can you remember what sort of music you was listening to around the time of making this song?

The verses were coming from a hip hop place, Anderson .Paak and Kendrick and the chorus the same guys but more in a Thundercat vein. I took the wonky bass sound in the chorus from Orange Juice’s ‘rip it up’ though.

Are there any plans for this new single to feature in a bigger release?

No direct plans but I’d like it make it into my first full length in the future, I’m chipping away slowly.

We’ve spoke about you before on Born, and we’ve noticed a striking resemblance between your music and Arthur Russell. Would you say Arthur Russell has had an influence on your music?

Absolutely huge influence yeah, hearing his singing style was what made me realise my weird singing voice could actually work. His phrasing, melodies and grip on harmony are something else. I also love the relaxed, meandering feel that ties his music together.

You have famously worked as a carpenter. How have you balanced having a ‘day-job’ with pursuing a music career?

It’s not too easy! But I just stay really busy, book tonnes of stuff in the evenings and weekends. Being self employed gives me the flexibility I need too. I think it’s important to work with other people some of the time, if I’m shattered after work I know if I’m on my own I won’t be energised to make something I like but with someone to bounce off it’s way easier.

What differences do you find when working with bands compared to releasing your own music?

Hudson Scott kind of is a band anyway, there’s other musicians heavily involved with the project, I’m just a bit of a dictator. It’s having the final say with solo projects that I was aware of when I decided on the approach but sometimes democracy in music yields way better results like I said in the last question.

Do you have any more music planned for release in the near future?

There’s a ‘Lone Wolf’ disco edit I did with my best buds Little Cub about to come out but nothing in the pipeline after that although I’ve got plenty of songs ready to go. I think I’d better face the music and finish an album next really.

When are you next touring?

I just did a little tour but nothing booked for the future. I’m getting married in the summer so that better be top priority right now.