We love your newest track ‘Sylvie”. Can you give us a little bit of insight of what it is about? What inspired it?
Thank you! Sylvie was inspired by a character from the book ‘Housekeeping’ by Marilynne Robinson. She’s a strange drifter who speaks of a ghost town hidden in the woods by the lake. A place once full of life now almost gone. There are traces of houses left and she says that if you stand still and quiet, ghost children will come out of hiding. The song Sylvie was written from an imagined perspective of the ghost children.

How did it make you feel playing with the infamous Boy George?
I’ve played some shows with him, he’s a really a really lovely guy.

On that note, Is there anyone you are absolutely dying to collaborate with?
There are lots of people I would love to collaborate with, some names are: Thom Yorke from Radiohead or Warren Ellis from Dirty Three or John Frusciante or Nils Frahm, or Burial.

I see you have performed quite a lot in the London areas, is there any other places that you are itching to perform?
I’d love to play in Ireland because I feel very drawn to Irish music. Japan too! That’s a place feel I need to play in.

We’d LOVE to get a little insight on what’s on your Spotify playlist, can you tell me what songs are on there? Or who inspires you?
My most recent playlist is called ‘Glue Moon Sunday’, which are songs in the mood of our new album. I also made one last winter called ‘This Cold Spell’, and then I have another one I add to sporadically called ‘Songs I Like’. They are all songs I really do like very much, come find me on Spotify and have a listen!

Again, you have performed a lot of gigs in London. Do you see it as a place where you have to become a name to succeed in the music business?

Yes, I think London is a great place to be as a musician. I moved here to find good management and record an album. Which I did! Now I’ve recorded my second album I can only think of London as a good place to be.

I can’t contain my excitement for the release of your sophomore EP ‘Glue Moon’, can you tell us any more details about it?
Thank you! I’m really excited Glue Moon too. A lot of the songs on this album are written with a specific place in mind. It’s the wee hours by a lake under a big pale blue/green moon. I’ve been attracted to visuals or the thought of places in decay, where there are signs of man made structure, but nature is gradually taking over, breaking through. If I think of them as a whole, I would say they all have a sense of re-birth, of new beginnings, of shedding old skin and being a peace with it. I really wanted to have fun with this album, and a bring an earthier, more playful mood to the songs. They all have different worlds but I think they live together harmoniously!

How would you describe your gig/music style when you perform? What can fans expect from these shows?
It’s very live and organic with earthy ambient atmospheres, but we also use experimental looping and other electronic elements. A bit psychedelic, a bit electronic, a bit pagan-y rock.

What advice would you give to new musicians starting to become a household name like yourself?
Know your limitations, let people help you in those areas. It’s okay to say no to things you’re uncomfortable with.

Ultimately, what is up next for Hero Fisher?
We’ll be announcing live dates on our Facebook page soon. I’ll also be releasing a new song ‘Push The Boat Out’ with a video at the end of August.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/herofisher/