We got ourselves acquainted with Haux (that’s with a hard ‘x’ FYI) ahead of his very special one-off show with a string quartet in London in November.

There are few artists that have an undeniable talent of both pleasing your ears, telling a story with their songwriting and also moving you through the sheer quality of their production, Haux here has succeeded at all of the above and some.

‘Touch’ was the first track you released this year and that’s now been followed by ‘Cologne’. We can only presume that more new music or an EP is on the way sometime in the near future; is there anything that you can tell us to whet our appetite?

Yes, I’ll be releasing a few more singles this summer and fall while working towards releasing my debut album in the winter.

Prior to this year’s tracks, you released a remix EP of ‘Caves’, a track taken from 2016’s All We’ve Known. How did that project come about and what made ‘Caves’ the perfect track?

To me ‘Caves’ has the most anthemic chorus I’ve written which I think lent itself well to the remix world. There have been more remixes to accompany that ‘Caves’ remix this summer too!

What was it like to hear other people’s interpretation of your music?

Always refreshing. I’m always inspired by the stories or interpretations people have with the songs. For me, the stories bring more life into the songs.


Your first love is photography, which you have a clear talent for – your work is stunning. What was it that made you decide to pursue music?

Thank you! I think the two were always meant to go hand-in-hand. I don’t see a border between the two just one creative place where I’m able to show myself new things about myself.

The visuals for your work (eg. the video for ‘Seaside’ above) serve to compliment your photography and aesthetic for Haux. How much creative control do you have of that overall and what sort of image are you trying to create for the project?

I have full creative control of Haux. The project is just an extension of myself… I shoot all the album art, music videos, everything you can think of really. I have very particular taste and I think that shines through in the image of Haux.


You recently toured the US, UK, and Europe and you’ve got more dates coming up this Autumn! What are you most excited about?

Traveling! Seeing new places, taking tons of photos, and meeting new people.

Haux headlines Hoxton Hall on Thursday 9th Nov, tickets for the special show (which will feature a string quartet setup) are on sale now from here.