Norway’s Hajk make the kind of bright optimistic pop that’s so fresh and enjoyable it’s probably good for your health. We recently had their track ‘Best Friend’ on our site and it’s got us waiting not-so-patiently for the release of their full length debut in April. Find out more about them below!


We recently featured your latest track ‘Best Friend’ on our site, can you tell us more about the track?

We made this song when we were a three-piece-band, but I think it translated well to the current line-up with keys and more backing vocals. We also love playing this song live. There’s a lot of different parts and we’ve been playing it for a long time, so we’re starting to get the hang of it.


How would you describe your music to someone who had never heard it?

Immediate and colourful pop music. Always a hard one to answer though. We’re working on it!



How do you think being from Oslo has affected your sound?

There is so much good music going on in Oslo these days, so we are easily inspired. We’ve also been a part of the music scene here for a long time, even before Hajk was put together – there are lots of great people and bands pushing and helping each other.


You’ve been tipped for success by quite a few music publications, what quality in your music do you attribute this to most?

Maybe that our music is somehow honest and transparent? The songwriting part of the process is very important to us. If you’ve made a good song, there is no point in hiding it.



How important is being unique in what you do?

We want to express ourselves through our songs, and if someone thinks we are unique while doing that, that’s a great bonus!


Who or what inspires you right now?

Frank Ocean, Lemon Twigs, Vulfpeck, Thundercat, Twin Peaks (the band) and many more.


Are there any influences in your music which we might not at first expect?

Yes, I think so. Cheesy 90’s R’n’B ballads for example: ‘All My Life’ K-ci & Jojo, R Kelly ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ and so on. Haha


What can we expect from you in the future?

Of course the upcoming album, music videos and lots of shows inside and outside of Norway. Musically, we want to continue to challenge ourselves by making music that we feel is fresh and new.