With her latest single ‘Mindfvck’ taking off, the pop sensation is an explosion waiting to happen…

At the still tender age of 22, Ghita has already had quite the worldly life, by anyone’s standards. Born in Casablanca and raised between Morocco, Spain and Switzerland, the young artist moved to the U.S in pursuit of her musical endeavours.

Her three years studying songwriting and performance at Boston’s Berklee College of Music have clearly paid off; her newest release ‘Mindfvck’ sees Ghita reintroduce herself to the world with aplomb following last year’s collab with Mickey Valen, ‘How Low’, the hit going on to be streamed more than half a million times. Stepping away from the more RnB vibe of tracks such as debut single ‘HateULoveU’, ‘Mindfvck’ detours into bright synths and sparse beats before hooking you in with a massive, sing-a-long chorus.

Below Ghita tells us about her life, music and taking to the stage with Maroon 5…

We really liked your most recent track ‘Mindfvck’ – it’s a great pop track! Can you tell us a little about what went into creating it?

It was one of those songs that happened really fast. I had the title in mind, went to the studio and the song was written in 20 minutes!

In listening to the lyrics of the track, you are clearly frustrated in the relationship you were in but have found empowerment in yourself. Can you share a little about what the lyrics meant to you?

Everyone would think the song is about a boy but the lyrics are actually about me and the way I felt at the time.

‘Mindfvck’ is the first single that you have released this year and it’s a great comeback. Do you have any more releases or an EP set to drop in the near future?

A lot of new music is on the way! It might be an EP or an album, I’m not sure yet.

You’re only 22 but you have lived all over the world including Spain, Morocco, and Switzerland before moving to the U.S. Do you feel your worldly upbringing has had a lasting influence on the music you create, and if so how?

Yes definitely. I grew up with pop and deep house back home and then started listening to jazz when I moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music and then rap when I moved to L.A, so I try to put all of these influences in my music.

Was there a pivotal moment when you realised that you had to pursue music as a career?

Yeah. It was my second semester at Berklee, I started performing little gigs and I fell in love with the stage.

Who was your favourite artist growing up?

Celine Dion. I started singing with her songs.

Was studying at Berklee vital in making you a better artist and songwriter?

I don’t think it was vital, but I enjoyed it. I definitely think it made me a better singer and I started having a vision of who I wanted to be as an artist.

In 2015 you made your debut live performance supporting Maroon 5 at the Mawazine Music Festival in Morocco! Did you find it daunting to have your first performance in front of so many people? Did you learn any performance tips from watching Maroon 5?

That performance was unforgettable and I remember freaking out the night before, but I started feeling confident at the sound check because people were already there waiting so it was a first contact with the crowd. Everything went super well. I actually spoke to Adam Levine just before entering the stage and he gave me some tips!

Your debut track ‘HateULoveU’ and ‘How Low’ – it’s follow up collaboration with Mickey Valen – have been streamed over half a million times! 

How do you feel about the reaction your music has received so far? Does having so many people watching what you are doing add any pressure when you are creating new songs?

I’m super happy when I see that every song I put out is charting on Spotify, it makes me excited for the future. I can’t wait to start touring next year and hopefully get a recording deal to have a real support behind.

What else do you have in store for 2018? Are there any live shows?

Yes, I don’t know when or where yet but there will be some!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Just a thank you for everyone that’s been supporting my music and my little indie journey 🙂 I can’t wait to share more x

Ghita’s latest single ‘Mindfvck’ is available now.