Rising Mancunian based Gathering of Strangers talk releases, videos and influences following their recent single ‘Lady’.

Following a successful attitude filled debut in 2018 with ‘Nice Hair’ Gathering of Strangers have been on our radars ever since.

Continuing to charm their current hometown with timeless psychedlic rock, the band have blasted their way through the UK, performing all the way down to London. Their latest release ‘Lady’ saw the arrival of their first official music video, as well as seeing the band amass over 30 thousand streams on Spotify. We decided the time was right to politely pry upon this rising band and get a little closer.

Welcome guys! It’s great to meet you. How’s life in Manchester treating you?
Manchester is treating us wonderfully. It is a beautiful city, not only for music but a lot of other things as well. We all moved here 4 years ago and haven’t left yet, so I guess that is saying something.

Since this is an Introduction, could you give us a bit about your background and how you all met?
We all met at a music university and our first assignment was to form a band and play a song together. Strangely for us we clicked very well and haven’t looked back since.

You made your debut with ‘Nice Hair’, what was the inspiration behind that song and it being your first release?
As a band we would always be writing new songs, some that would stick and some that wouldn’t. Seeing the reaction to our more pop fronted song ‘Nice Hair’ when we played it live, we knew we needed to get it down in the studio and release it as soon as we could.



For readers who like it simple, could you sum up your sound in one sentence?
We have strong electric guitar riffs matched with an anthemic vocal to create a fast paced yet emotive structure of music that we hope will grab and take hold of you from the offset.


We can’t get enough of your recent release ‘Lady’ in the office! What’s the reaction been like so far from listeners?
The reaction has been great. We were so pleased with the track ourselves that to know people appreciate it just as much as we do is a great feeling. It was quite a new song when we recorded it, so to have so many people response so positively to it on record and live is extremely humbling.


Can we expect an album or EP soon? And if so, what themes tend to run throughout?
As a band we cannot wait to write an album but definitely want to wait for that perfect moment, as we know just how special that moment will be. Until then we are going to stick to bringing you more singles throughout the very near future.


Are there any live appearances in the works for the upcoming summer season?
We play Dot to Dot at the end of May which is always a great festival. But also in the talks for maybe another Manchester headline sometime within the summer.


Instrumentally and vocally, who have inspired your sound so far as a band?
One of the main things we pride ourselves on is the vast amount of bands we consider influences both as a band and individually. But some of our main ones musically would be the likes of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, U2, and more recently The 1975. We like to think that having our wide range of influences is what makes our music stand out amongst others.


Watching the music video for ‘Lady’, we can see a lot of raw emotion, is that something you’ll continue in future videos? And what inspired you for this one?
Definitely! Emotion plays a massive part in this band, whether it’s live, within the lyrics or even just personally, so to have it represented throughout the video made a lot of sense. We loved being involved in the making of the video as we were able to control the lyrical emotion through each shot. You will definitely see more of this in the future.


Finally, I could go on asking you questions for days, but, what do you see 2019 hold for you?
2019 we want to continue to get our music out to as many people as possible. Seeing more and more people take interest in the thing we put our heart into the most is an amazing feeling and we will continue to push this throughout the rest of the year.