frostThe mysterious, left-field electronica of forthcoming debut single ‘Crackling On The Wire’ instantly caught their attention. Clearly Brighton duo FRÖST were onto something different; we caught up with Steve and Johanna in a bid to shed some light on the project.

We really enjoyed your track ‘Crackling On The Wire’! Could you tell us a little about how it came to life?

Steve – The track started from us experimenting in the studio creating riffs and a groove. Jo then wrote the lyrics and the track started to shape up around them.

Jo –The story is loosely inspired by a ghostly tale of a forest spirit.

The overall feel of the track is quite dark. Was that an atmosphere that you were purposely aiming to create?

Jo – A lot of what we do tends to have a dark background but with a light foreground. I think that interplay between a heavy and dark foundation with lighter, more pop elements has become a key feature in our sound.

Do you feel that the combination of both French and English vocals reinforced the mysterious nature of the track?

Jo – I hadn’t really thought about it. I’m a native French speaker but have lived in the UK for a long time so it tends to be how my brain works! Maybe in some way the decision not to stick to one language makes it all a bit more subconscious and ethereal – who knows!

When listening to the track, it brought to mind other acts that experiment with electronica such as The Knife or Radiohead. Are those big influences of yours? If not, are there any acts that inspire you?

Jo – They are actually both big influences on me, though not necessarily directly on this project. So it’s interesting to hear those elements still come across.

Steve – We are inspired by both new and old acts such as Holly Herndon, Maria Minerva, Silver Apples and Laurie Spiegel.

How did you meet and what led you to collaborating musically?

Steve – I’m in another band called Fujiya & Miyagi who have been around for a while and we did one of our songs in French, in a style of Bonnie and Clyde/Gainsbourg and Bardot. We were introduced to Jo who sang on it and helped us with our pronunciation. Because of our similar influences Jo and I decided to collaborate and try out a new project.

Was the direction that your music would take clear from the start?

Jo – Not really. We had influences but not really a clear direction for our sound. We decided to take a cover and see where that went, we were just experimenting in the studio with sounds. It actually started of a lot heavier and darker than where we’re at now.

You’re signed to emerging label Lost Room Records. Was it important to you to work with a new label so you could grow together?

Steve – It’s exciting to work with a new label. Ant, who runs the label has so much enthusiasm it’s really infectious.

You only have one song online currently. What else can we expect from FRÖST in the near future?

We’re are writing an album at the moment to be released mid 2017 and also developing our live show…

FRÖST’s ‘Crackling On The Wire’ is released on 9th December. Listen to the track via Soundcloud.