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After releasing their debut single last month, The Bank of Free Money is open for business and stocks are rocketing in value.

While an introduction to a band would normally include some names, such information on London four-piece Free Money seems to be classified.

Some digging into these mysterious indie hit-makers will reveal a couple of sporadic singles and gig reviews from a couple of years ago, but this seems to be very much confined to history. The Free Money of the present day have their eyes on a sharp, shiny and squeaky clean future, with the suits dry cleaned and pressed, and their watches polished. It’s a future backed by fine indie pedigree, with the band signed to Buff Records, the label of Tribes’ Dan White and Mystery Jets’ Blaine Harrison.

In a world that invites wannabe music stars to overexpose themselves, grabbing attention in any way they can on social media, Free Money understands that appeal can lie in enigma. On the back of their brand new single, the 80s-inflected ‘U Got Me’, we did our best to see if we could get inside the minds behind this intriguing new institution…

The Bank of Free Money… mysterious bank letters and business suits aside, what is this all about?

The Bank of Free Money is more than just a bank – it’s an optimistic frame of mind too. And we want as many people as possible to join us and spread the Free Money Mindsetâ„¢.

You claim to have three core values: Joy, Acceptance and Optimism. Is this in reaction to something in particular?

It’s a reaction to the grey-world-dark-times and the end-is-nigh-naysayers.

How did your introduction to Buff Records come about?

Our good friend Callum used to be part of the Tribes touring machine and he introduced us to Dan White and we just click-click-click-clicked.

What is it like working Blaine Harrison and Dan White; two of the biggest figures in modern British indie?

Really useful, we learned a lot, but mainly it was just sexy af.

The history of Free Money goes back beyond Buff Records and this year. How did Free Money start?

Classified. Please present key for Bank of Free Money Vault #009.

Is The Bank of Free Money a way to rebrand yourself or distance yourself from your early days? If so, why?

Not really. We started a band a couple of years ago and then spent all that time gigging and writing and now we’re finally releasing music. That’s it basically.

There’s long been a trend for music acts to make artistic or conceptual statements, from Prince’s symbol through to meta-internet personality Poppy. Were you inspired by any musician in particular to take this angle?

It was more so just a way to free ourselves of ourselves and allow Free Money to be something bigger than us that we can tap into.

Aesthetics aside, the music is refreshingly old school as far as indie rock goes – who are your biggest influences?

We grew up on The Strokes, Libertines, Blur, Gorillaz, LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire, etc. etc. etc.

Your first single ‘Up In The Sky’ definitely has a hint of The Strokes about it. How did you write the song and what is the story behind it?

It started as a little shrug then grew into a fist bump into the air and through the clouds. It’s the story of longing for your love to return to your arms.

The band have won rave reviews for their live shows in all iterations. Who are your favourite live acts?

Arcade Fire, Idles, FJM, Fat White Family, Yak – go see the Hives if you ever get the opportunity! Mad good.

What do we have to look forward to from Free Money in 2019?

More music. More shows. More Free Money.

Finally – what message do you have for anybody who may want to open an account with The Bank of Free Money?

What are you waiting for?