We’re sure hardly any introductions are needed here, but meet FREAK the guitar-driven, energetic band with a fuzzy edge ready to take you straight to the mosh pit.

Credit: Em Branson

From playing – albeit briefly – for Tottenham Hotspurs, to making high octane, grungey tracks to jump around to, frontman Connar Ridd is leading FREAK on a, very fun, path to greatness.

Almost a year ago we first included Freak in our 10 Acts to see at Off The Record 2016; in its inaugural year it well and truly proved what a tastemaker it would be. Fast forward a year and Freak has gone from strength to strength, being included in Phil Taggart’s Slacker, being signed by Polydor… not to mention playing to packed out tents at Reading and Leeds this summer.

We caught up with them across the co-headline, Dork badged tour they completed alongside King Nun. “They’ve all been really good, been really amazing crowds, nice to see people buying merch, singing the songs, getting on stage. It’s been busy, we’re quite overwhelmed, it’s the first proper tour headlining and we just didn’t know what to expect so it’s been great,” frontman Connar Ridd explains to us.

“Dork’s support is fantastic, we’re always reading it online and they’ve done a few features on us before, so it’s been amazing.”

The support is certainly warranted though, as they’ve been quickly garnering a lot of attention from all across the industry. Earlier this year they signed with Polydor; “their involvement is great, we just get on with it, we do all our own artwork, videos, and treatments. We just kind of do everything and they help us reach out to more people, it’s been amazing,” Ridd explains.

“We’ve got our own imprint on the label as well, Freak Recordings, so we can do things entirely our way, it might be a major label, but we’re still doing everything the same as we were before… as DIY as possible, it’s great,” they reveal.

After recently releasing the No Money EP, the reaction has been pretty great, “it’s always so frightening putting out music because you have no idea what people are gonna think and what to expect, but the reception has been great… especially ‘No Money’ live, it always goes down so well, as does ‘Look Away’,” Ridd tells us. ‘Look Away’ also happens to be every member of FREAK’s favourite track off the EP, hinting back at the last EP, as well as being pretty energetic and constant to play live.

What’s immediately clear about FREAK is that they’re not a band to take themselves too seriously, you just have to watch the video for ‘No Money’ to see that. “We just don’t take it too seriously, we get an idea and take it as far as we can. For No Money, we could have done a really serious Pulp Fiction-esque shop heist, but we just had a lot of slomo… a lot of ugly shots, it’s the best way,” they tell us.

“I love being in control of everything with treatments, I think it’s so important that a band wants to do their own videos and they want it to look how they want it to look and not what a label or someone has told them it should look like.”

A poll on Twitter following their Vans in store performance deemed ‘Darling Is Your Head Right’ as the best track off the new album. This comes as a surprise to the band, as they tell us it nearly didn’t even make it on to the EP. “There were so many songs to pick from and we wanted to get the vibe right, we just had to chuck it on but we just put it as a fourth track so it’s weird that so many people are vibing it, but it’s great.” 

Looking forward, they’ve been announced in The Great Escape’s First Fifty, once again they’ll be playing with King Nun for those warm-up shows, then we think it surely must nearly be time for some brand new FREAK music, right?!