Sweden’s Francobollo recently threw some excitement our way with the announcement of their debut album Long Live Life, along with the release of the incredibly catchy new track ‘Worried Times’, which arguably is their most infectious to date. We contained our excitement as much as we could and got ourselves properly acquainted with the minds behind Francobollo.

A band that have come together under truly unique circumstances, as the Swedish government actually paid them to represent Sweden’s music scene in the UK: “Unfortunately, the plug was pulled on the project a year or two ago, which left us with a minimum wage job and some slacker friends. We’ve been trying to fly home for years, but the tube map is too confusing” they joke.

Describing their sound as ‘Start-stop-pop’, explaining it’s meaning as: “if you don’t dance when you feel like dancing, you’ve missed your chance and you gotta wait like two minutes for us to finish some psychedelic jam, guitar pumping or random silence before you can dance again.” A warning that we have personally made a note of and we advise you all do the same, as well.

Claiming to be influenced by emotions and… the weather. Their new track ‘Worried Times’ (listen below), they inform us, is an homage to worrying commitments and Krautrock and pop. “Not saying we’re trying to get close to Can or Neü with this one, it’s just the steady drum beat that kicks it off in the beginning. It’s definitely one of our most Christian sounding tunes. We were thinking of rewriting the lyrics and sending it to some Christian radio stations so we can get filthy rich.” They joke.

Their debut album Long Live Life is due out on July 14th and apparently it’s “like a day in the life of a Vietnamese restaurant; gentle, loud, soft, creamy, dry, warm and cold, hard, bold, desperate, sweetness, luck, crushing and relieving. Like a Quattro Stagione, but with 12 different kinds of cheese.” If that doesn’t explain things enough they add that it’s also “Like an Oreo, but shaped as a glass containing milk so when you bite it, it all pours over your face and, oh my god, you love it, it’s so good! And it’s warm outside and you’re just making out with this Oreo shaped glass ferociously, whilst spilling milk all over your clothes.” That clears things up, right? If you’re not jumping to pre-order the album now, then we’re not sure what more they can do.

The excitement and love that they have for this album though, is very much warranted. Having been working on it for quite some time, even choosing what tracks made the cut for the album has been a long one. “It made us all rethink the idea of a record and what it meant, if someone told us which tracks would end up on the album before we started recording, we’d have said that they were crazy!” They assure us that they’re more than happy with the outcome now though (in case you didn’t get that from the previous descriptions!)

Following the album release, Francobollo are off out on tour later this year in October (this will be the time to hold on to that earlier piece of advice about the dancing, okay!) What’s to follow, they say, depends on a few things… the outcome of the album, the election and again… the weather. In the meantime, they play London’s Heaven tomorrow with Marika Hackman and have more than a handful of festival appearances coming up.

Here’s hoping things stay bright and sunny for Francobollo.

Pre-order Francobollo‘s debut album Long Live Life – out July 14th via Square Leg Records

Tour Dates:


1, London, Heaven w/ Marika Hackman
06, Norway, Oslo – Rockefeller Music Hall w/ Coheed and Cambria
07, Sweden, Stockholm – Kagelbanan w/ Coheed and Cambria
11, Bulgaria, Serafimovo – Meadows In The Mountain Festival


7, Winchester, Blissfields Festival
19, Netherlands, Nijmegen – Valkhof Festival
21, Oxford, Truck Festival
28, Italy, Vasto – Siren Festival
29, Cornwall, Leopallooza
30, Cumbria, Kendal Calling Festival


18, Southampton, Talking Heads (HEADLINE)
19, Brighton, The Hope (HEADLINE)
21, Bristol, The Crofters Rights (HEADLINE)
22, Oxford, The Cellar (HEADLINE)
23, Leicester, The Cookie (HEADLINE)
26, Leeds, Brudenell Games Room (HEADLINE)
27, Sheffield, Record Junkee (HEADLINE)
28, Glasgow, King Tuts Wah Wah Hut (HEADLINE)


1, Nottingham, Bodega (HEADLINE)
2, Birmingham, The Sunflower Lounge (HEADLINE)
3, London, Moth Club (HEADLINE)
9, Germany, Berlin – Musik & Frieden (HEADLINE)
12, Germany, Cologne – Blue Shell (HEADLINE)
13, Holland, Amsterdam – Paradiso (HEADLINE)
15, Belgium, Brussels – Botanique – Wiltoofbar (HEADLINE)
16, Holland, Rotterdam – V11 (HEADLINE)
17, France, Paris – Supersonic (HEADLINE)
20, Switzerland, Zurich – Hafenkneipe (HEADLINE)
21, Italy, Bologna – Freakout (HEADLINE)
22, Italy, Milano – Arci Ohibo (HEADLINE)