As FOXTROTT, Marie-Hélène L. Delorme creates ethereal music straight from the soul. We spoke to Delorme about her latest project ‘Meditations’.

‘My first album ‘A Taller Us’ was [a story] of upward growth, a bit like the unrolling of the spine’ explains Montreal-based musician Marie-Hélène L. Delorme, better known as FOXTROTT. ‘I started to write songs as a way to cope with anxiety about things I was going through as a young adult. It was emotionally dense, and it turned out to be a very healing process. After that whole cycle of producing, releasing and touring A Taller Us, I found myself at a different, more peaceful place’.

‘A Taller Us’ marked the growth of Delorme as a young adult and as a performer. The album became a cornerstone in her career and her life, a point at which certain anxieties and fears began to dissipate; putting her heart and soul into music helped form her as a person. Yet, after the extensive process behind the creation of ‘A Taller Us’ and the subsequent tour, Delorme arrived at a place where many musicians visit: the music dried up. ‘Some things happened in my life that were quite stressful and I didn’t feel like I had any music in my head anymore’. So, she decided to visit Mexico, and ‘Meditations’ were created.

Many artists travel to find their inspiration, and for Delorme, setting foot into Mexico lit the spark that powered her engine. It can be considered cliche, but in many cases, it’s true. ‘[T]he minute I got to Mexico, the music appeared! I have many friends there and the colors, the smells, the overall energy of the place was very nourishing, it felt like I was at the right place in this moment’. The new working environment even makes an appearance on her new project. ‘The birds, the animals, and the police sirens you hear ever so faintly on the tracks are from Oaxaca, [Mexico]‘.

In a new found place of peace with her world, Delorme has been able to open up more the world, and present her being in an honest and real way. From this new state of being, her trip to Mexico culminated in ‘Meditations’, a triptych of EPs that will explore the complex relationship between inner life and the outside world. Having dealt with anxiety and life pressures most of her life, Delorme has created a project that may hopefully help others. ‘I spent a lot of time just listening to what is there naturally instead of pushing through to create, I felt accompanied by a very warm and enveloping energy in that process, and I wanted to put it in the music so it can hopefully reach other people and help them’.

The first of these EPs, ‘Meditations I’, delves into the external and internal, quite like looking through a window. ‘I had this symbolic window in my mind during the whole production process. The relationship between the inner world and the outer world is something that fascinates me endlessly. ‘Meditations I’, specifically, is like opening a window after a long winter, letting a warm breeze come in and fill the room, or fill your spirit, on a metaphorical level. it is about letting go of what came before and abandoning yourself to what is here, now’.

Doing what comes naturally is something Delorme takes into her creative process too. ‘I work very intuitively so [creating these EPs] was quite a natural process. I start ideas here and there, between activities and tasks, I record a lot of melodies on my phone, a lot of beat sketches in my computer, without knowing what they are for or what they will become. Next thing you know, they kind of all make sense together and threads appear, it is very exciting and mysterious. I am learning to trust my subconscious more, because it seems like it knows what it’s doing more than I do’.

Meditation is something that is often needed in life. Reflecting on one’s inner self and exploring the emotions and feelings that are hidden deep inside can help find one’s inner core. Delorme has managed to find herself, her ‘Meditations’ EP series will show how she did it. For the listener, Delorme wants these EPs to be a truly individual experience. ‘I hope people feel surrounded by a warm spirit [when listening to ‘Meditations’] and… feel grounded and well in the music’.

Listen to ‘Meditations I’ below on Spotify.