It’s not often that you come across a press release that explicitly states that this particular song is “the story of a computer waiting in vain for its owner to come home” but alas, here we are! On the surface the concept sounds all sorts of terrible, but rest assured that ‘No Good Reason’ by L.A based electro-wizard FORMER FACES is a lulling and ambient track that weaves between precise beats, pulsing synths and crystal clear piano. Clearly the project is an immersive experience, so we sought out the man behind the moniker to see what inspires his sound and discuss his love of sci-fi. Ryan tells us more…

We love your new track ‘No Good Reason’! What inspired your sound?

Thank you! Well, I’m still very much exploring my sound. When I started Former Faces, I didn’t intend to create songs that fit into a specific genre or sounded like a particular artist. Initial inspiration has been drawn from broad influences – art, nature, relationships, and experiences of all kinds.

The track has an intoxicating and fluid aura! What led you to choose this genre as the best way to express yourself?

Why, my intoxicating and fluid aura of course.

You’ve previously stated that the story of ‘No Good Reason’ was about a computer waiting in vain for its owner to come home. What inspired this tale?

I’ve developed a relationship with my computer while creating music and videos for Former Faces. I interact with it as much as any human in my life. It is my second brain and harbours many of my ideas and memories. Together we create – it’s only natural for it to miss me when I’m gone!

Do you feel that the increasingly close relationship that humans have with technology is a good or bad thing?

Technology has evolved with such exponential ferocity in our lifetime that I’m not sure we’ve been afforded the opportunity to fully explore, let alone understand, our relationship with it.

“We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.’

– Carl Sagan

“Technology… is a queer thing. It brings great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other.”

-C.P. Snow

Have you always been drawn to science fiction? What are your favourite authors/ films/ music etc?

I wouldn’t classify myself as a sci-fi buff, most of my favourites are well-known staples of the genre. I love Vonnegut and other legends – Bradbury, Orwell, Verne, etc. E.T., Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Blade Runner, and 2001 had a big impact on me as a kid, but perhaps the most affecting of all sci-fi films I’ve seen is an interpretation of Bradbury’s All Summer In A Day. I distinctly recall watching it in my 3rd grade classroom on a rainy day. Oh the feels… so haunting and beautiful. I think I’ll have to re-watch it soon in fact!

What else do you have in store for the rest of the year?

I plan on releasing a fourth single in the next month or two to complete Former Faces’ first EP which will be released in full this spring. And, I’m very excited to be headed to a remote cabin in Utah to begin recording our first full-length album with the extremely talented David Lee, Abraham Kim, and Brian Blake, the amazing band of brothers that have joined me on this journey.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to answer these interesting questions! Thank you to all who are listening to our music and watching our videos, I hope they evoke some measure of reflection and emotion. We look forward to sharing more soon…

Former Faces single ‘No Good Reason’ is available now.