Already a Spotify success, rising star Folly Rae talks about her latest single ‘Sniper’, complete with a fantastic Americana inspired music video.

For someone so early in their music career, it’s quite amazing that her three songs on Spotify have amassed more than a million streams each. The bona fide pop star has clearly been making waves, and her latest single, ‘Sniper’, is a treat. We caught up with Folly to her more about the creation of the video and learn more about the popstar that everyone is talking about. Watch the music video below, and be introduced to all things Folly Rae.

Hello Folly! For any that might not know you, would you like to introduce yourself?

Hello! I’m Folly! I’m a new artist from London and just released my first single Sniper… go check it out 🙂

You recently released the fantastic music video for the single ‘Sniper’. Could you sum up the story of the video in one sentence?

An English girl travels to California to play a show, make some friends and falls in love with a cowboy, who somehow ends up dead!

There are some amazing locations in the video! Where was it filmed?

The video was filmed a four-hour drive outside of LA, In a town called San Luis Obispo, at an amazing themed hotel called ‘The Madonna Inn’. Each bedroom has its own theme and it’s like you’ve traveled back in time and I LOVED it.

How do you feel the American imagery matches with the whole tone and meaning of the song?

When I write songs, I have strong visuals in my mind. When I wrote Sniper, I was drawn to the classic Americana vibe.
It was more about the colours and lighting than a meaning. I love the idea of an English girl traveling across the world to find love or leaving love behind. And I have a love affair with LA so it seemed perfect to film it in California.

Is there anyone who worked on the video you’d like to shout out?

Everyone! I had the most incredible time shooting my first video.
Emili Nava and my wifey Grace Pickering for having the most incredible vision and Noah and Tucker. Trudy for bring more clothes than I’ve ever seen, Jen and Maggie from hair and makeup, of course the cast too! Brian, Chloe and Luke for bringing the characters to life, and everyone else involved!

You have an amazing following on Spotify, even with only three songs on the platform! How do you feel about music streaming, and how has it helped you become more successful in the music industry?

As a new artist I want as many people to hear my music as possible and streaming makes it extremely accessible for people, existing fans and new ones to listen! So, right now, I’m extremely grateful for streaming 🙂

Do you have any new music in the works?

I do! I’m constantly writing and a new single is coming in the next couple of months.. after that, another body of work – possibly another EP, maybe straight onto the album. Now I’ve started, I just can’t stop!

When will you next be touring?

I am playing a few festivals and a tour is in the pipeline 🙂