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The Leeds rockers are set for a very busy summer!

Frontman Benji Inkley tells all about his hometown music scene, his first festival experience, and precisely why festival-goers should pencil Fizzy Blood into their busy schedules…

You’re about to hit the festival circuit for the summer, with slots at Reading and Leeds, Tramlines, 2000 Trees and more! How excited are you to be included?

Without sounding overly cliche it feels amazing to be part of prestigious events such as these, playing alongside other bands and artists that we look up to and admire for one reason or another.  That was pretty cliche wasn’t it… but 100% unadulterated truth!

 Why should passers by stop what they are doing and watch your set?

I think we offer something slightly different to most other acts we’re billed with this summer.  After shows we’ve played in the past we’ve had a ton of people come up to us and be like “You guys sound like this band!” or “That one song gives off serious vibes of that band!”.  From System Of A Down to Radiohead we’ve had a lot of comparisons drawn, thankfully more positive than negative haha.  But yeah, if you’re a punter and are looking for a band a little on the weird side that’ll melt your ears off and serve them back to you with a garnish of full on rock, we’re your guys.  

What was the first festival you went to and what was the experience like for you? Do you have any wild stories?

My first festival was Leeds Festival back in 2008 and to be fair, not much went on that was too out of the ordinary for a young lad’s first time a festival.  I’m not saying it was boring, it was amazing! I have very vivid memories of rocking out in the pit to ‘Killing In The Name Of’.  I was in a punk band at the time and the first stage I went to on the Friday of Leeds fest was the Lock-Up, and I remember looking in just being like “Holy ****, this is amazing.  How do I get my band here!?”  It’s only taken nine or so years but when we step out onto that stage (especially at Leeds fest) it’ll be a very special moment for me.  

You’ve not long torn Download Festival apart! How was your set received? Were the crowd game for a mosh?

Download was actually insane! It was definitely up there with one of the biggest shows we’ve done, and one of our collective favourites.  The crowd were amazing,  it was one of those moments when I really felt as if we had some sort of fanbase.  As soon as the riff for ‘January Sun’ kicked in at the end of the set and we had all these strangers singing the words back at us, it felt good man.  They were definitely up for a bit of a boogie as well haha, but three days in the sun will do that to a person.  

Festivals or your own shows: which do you prefer and why?

Simply because we haven’t played a headline show in about a year, and all these festivals we’ve played in that space of time have been an incredible experience, I’m gonna go with festivals.  I’ll probably sway towards our own shows when we get to selling out Ally Pally two night’s in a row!

We’ve had your most recent single ‘Summer of Luv’ on repeat! How did the track come to life?

Picture this, it’s March 2016, there’s five sweaty guys chilling out in a Super 8 Motel in Austin, TX during SXSW festival getting some shelter from the sweltering heat outside. Paul is noodling away on his guitar, sat on his bed.  He plays a riff and says “Hey, that’s cool”.  Boom.  Song written.  

We’re feeling some Queens of the Stone Age vibes! Are you big fans?

Ha stop flirting.  Yes, we would do unspeakable things to hang out with those guys.  
Who would you most love to collaborate with, dead or alive? Tell us why!

Josh Homme.  Straight up.  We’re all serious Hommephiles and to be able to collaborate with him and just have him literally weave his tones into our recordings would be a fine thing.  

You’re from Leeds; what is the creative scene like there? Do you feel that it is supportive of bands who are just starting out?

Totally, Leeds is a great city for music and the arts.  There’s loads of venues that cater towards small bands starting out and plenty of varied larger venues for bigger shows. It’s a great community here in Leeds that we are very proud to be a part of.

What bands are you loving at the moment? Who should be on our radar?

I’m a massive fan of Get Inuit.  I didn’t actually know of them when we went to SXSW for the first time in 2016 but they were on our flight.  I saw them whilst we were out there in Austin and I was well impressed.  As soon as I got back I started listening to them and I’ve been listening ever since.  Regardless of them all being really nice guys they are a quality band that deserve credit they receive.  

What else have you got in store for 2017?

We’re only a few days away from confirming what would be another amazing tour for us in late 2017.  I didn’t think we’d be able to follow up after supporting While She Sleeps but I’m very excited for future prospects. We are also counting the days until our second EP ‘Summer Of Luv’ releases in August.  Onwards and upwards.  
Fizzy Blood’s aptly named single ‘Summer of Luv’ is available now via Killing Moon. Catch the band this summer at the dates below:
21st Jul – Tramlines Festival
25th-27th Aug – Reading & Leeds Festivals
23rd Sep – Reeperbahn (GE)