If you ever needed a surefire Summer festival hit, FAERS have got your back. With the London indie outfit heading out on tour this Summer, they’ve got a hell of a year ahead of them, and ‘Everything You Know’ is the spark. We spoke to the band about the track, their festival stint, and how FAERS came to be.


‘Everything You Know’ is an awesome track! How did the single come round?

Hi, thanks for having us.  Morgan was playing with a riff in practice that I was hooked on.  I came back with some lyrics then the boys did their thing on the track. It’s a fun song with a dark undertone.

What kind of influence did your trip to Gothenburg have on the track?

The Swedish know how to produce a good pop track and we knew Anders would make the track come alive. We wrote the song in Wales in a cottage that we were locked in for days.

Is this the signal for more new material in the future?

We have another track that will be released late summer that we recorded in Sweden called ‘Last Of Our Kind’ hopefully we will record in Sweden again as it was a fantastic experience

Can you tell us more about Club Yuck and how the band came to be from it?

I (Steven) run Yuck in Uxbridge. We all pretty much met from there. Mine and Morgan’s friendship started because we both wanted to make music, we weren’t sure what for, but it was fun. So we worked on a cover of Palma Violets ‘Best of Friends’. I knew of Ryan and knew he was the prettiest drummer in town, so when he approached me about wanting to start a band I was sold. I had already thought about asking him so he kind of did the job for me. So that’s three members. Sam came and showed us his skill and we basically just locked him in the studio and told him he couldn’t leave. He’s still probably trying to get out actually. Something was still missing but when Ryan introduced us to Alex we were complete.

You’ve supported some massive acts on tour. Are there any dream acts you’d love to support?

We would love to support so many bands, some that spring to mind are Peace, Swim Deep, Foals, Everything Everything, Palace. The xx. The list goes on and on…


Do you have any exciting acts from the London scene you’d like to introduce us to?

We love a few bands who you should definitely check out SAHARAS, VIOLETS, GRAPEFRUIT, SALT, Strides, YVES and Wide Eyed Boy.

You’ve got a couple of festivals in the line-up, with Camden Rocks and Tramlines. Are there any acts you’re really excited to see? And which festival are you looking forward to playing the most?

We are looking forward to Tramlines this year The Libertines and All Saints are playing what more could you want! Camden rocks have The Rifles and The Coral. We are massive fans of these so it should be a great day

Are there any acts you’d say have inspired FAERS?

Well ‘Last of Our Kind’ was written with the Maccabees break up in mind. It’s sad to see all of these great guitar bands break up. Their music also inspires us all and has done for the last 10 years or so.

What tracks are you loving at the moment?

We are loving a bit of Bonobo, Alex and Morgan are feeling a band called Palace. The Mystery Jest album is on repeat in my yard.

What can we look forward to from FAERS in 2017 and onwards?

Hopefully playing bigger show and big festivals. We have a new single out late summer. It’s exciting times for us at the moment.