Meet DIET, Australia’s feelgood jangle five-piece who’s latest EP ‘Sundown’ is sure to inject some summer back into your life…

Melbourne, Australia’s own DIET have been gradually surfing their way into prominence with their upbeat brand of jangly guitar pop. At times sounding like the optimistic offspring of The Smiths and The Strokes, DIET take the best of their influences and mould them into a thoroughly enjoyable package. Guitars dancing over their tracks in a way reminiscent of how Jonny Marr’s would in the better work of the aforementioned Manchester band.

Their latest EP ‘Sundown’ is an excellent showcase of what the band do and is littered with highlights. We had a chat with DIET to find out a little bit more about the EP and uncover more about the people behind the music.

We love your new EP ‘Sundown’, is there an overarching story behind it?

Glad you like it!!! There isn’t so much a story behind the word sundown, we just thought that was a good lyric for Track 5 (called Sundown). There is a definite theme for the EP though – it has all come from a pretty happy and optimistic place, so I reckon the themes are optimism and persistence.

What was the process of bringing it to life like?

We had a pretty solid process for getting these EP songs together. I’d start with a chord progression and probably some lyrics, then pass it on to Benny (our singer) who’d make some tweaks and figure out how he’d like to sing it and what key the song needs to be in. Then we present the song together to the rest of the band so we can work through it at rehearsals and the boys can add some more zest to it. We then move on to recording demos which our guitarist Andy as well as the EP’s producer Dan Caswell sort out. Once we’re happy with the demos then we hit the studio to get it all down!!!!

Do you guys have a favourite track from the EP?

I reckon we all have a super soft spot for Sundown – we’re pretty proud of all the twists and turns in the song, and its a definite fave in our live set. In saying this we love all the tracks because if not they would have gotten the chop.

What was it that bought you guys together to form DIET?

We’ve all been mates since high school (so pretty much over the last 10 years), but it was during my year away in London that the boys came over to visit that DIET was conceived. It was there that we decided on writing music together once I got back to Melbourne, and we did just that.

How would you describe DIET to somebody who is unfamiliar with you?

Five dudes making fun guitar pop, with a little bit of synth for sweetness and that extra tang.

For a band based in Melbourne, Australia you have a very Britpop inspired sound, what it is about Britpop that struck a chord with you?

It may have been my time away in London that influenced the britpop sound, but we reckon it might all originate from Ben’s voice and how it has that Morissey-esque vibrato that people draw comparisons to. We’re also big fans of British bands like The Cure, The Smiths, Slowdive, Shame and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

What or who do you feel are the biggest influences on your sound?

It’s fair to say that the guitar sounds coming from NYC have been our biggest influences over the years. Bands like Interpol, The Strokes, DIIV, Beach Fossils and Real Estate have all played a decent role in informing our sound. We also tip our hat to all the amazing Melbourne bands that we’re surrounded by that whip up amazing jangle pop and sincere lyrics that we try and join in with.

Are there any bands around right now that you consider yourselves big fans of?

Candy from Melbourne.

Bedchamber from Jakarta.

Vacations from Newy.

Shame from London.

What should somebody expect from a DIET show?

Some free VBs thrown out into the crowd, some cartoons playing on the projector, potentially some crowd-surfing depending on vibe, and a whole heap of guitar.

What are your plans for the near future?

We’re starting to write songs for our first album!!!! We’re keen to spend some time away as a band to work on new material and make sure that we’ve got enough in the holster for a huge 2019. Hopefully we’ll be driving around the country playing some shows soon also. If you’re looking for New Year’s plans we’re playing NYE on the Hill in Victoria with a whole heap of amazing acts.