Full of “heavy riffs and sweet melodies”, Newcastle’s Demob Happy might not have made music that’s been at the forefront of everyone’s playlists since their 2015 debut album came out, but it sure was impactful enough to push their returning single ‘Dead Dreamers’ forward into the limelight. We spoke to bassist and lead vocalist Matt Marcantonio on their return, the music video and future plans.

After meeting at college and bonding “over an insatiable itch to fuck around and play shows” this alt-rock trio relocated to Brighton from Newcastle, releasing EP’s You Shook The Soul (2011), Rattlesnake (2012), Young and Numb (2015) before finally releasing their debut album Dream Soda in late 2015. Since then, they’ve lost former guitarist Mathew Renforth and completed a string of tour dates supporting Tigercub.

“We’ve been touring a lot, getting the record stuck into people’s heads and planning our next moves.” What those moves are, are yet to be known. But, if their infectious new single ‘Dead Dreamers’ is anything to go by we’re certain that we have a lot to look forward to.

Speaking of Dream Soda, Matt explains how “the first album was a violent expulsion of all the ideas we’d sat on for years. You can hear us form as a band in that record” adding that now, they’re more concerned with “creating something that we’re not hearing elsewhere.” We’re sure it won’t be too difficult either, as Matt tells us that part of their inspiration comes from the paranormal.

One listen to ‘Dead Dreamers’ knowing that that’s their aim and it’s definitely noticeable. The music video that’s come with the track has also made quite the mark, featuring the band in their puppet forms. “We just thought it would be funny. I live with the director and we just challenge each other to come up with the stupidest stuff we think we’ll get away with” Matt explains.

Having just completed a short run of UK tour dates in May, the band are now writing some new material and then (sound the klaxon) they’ll be recording a new album!

Catch Demob Happy at Neighbourhood Festival in Manchester in October.