Deeply in love with their latest single “Race to the Bottom”? Find out the ins and outs of Dearly Beloved and what’s around the corner for them

After celebrating the fantastic latest single, I got the chance to speak to Dearly Beloved to hear about what’s been happening behind the scenes. It’s certainly not a race to the bottom but in fact a race to the top for this band. The only way is up!

Hey all! How has life been treating you since the release of the fantastic “Race to the Bottom”

Hi. Thank you, we’re glad to hear you’re enjoying the tune. Since it came out in March life has been both sweet and sour, as it is, we’re excited to share some of the music we’ve been creating with each other for the past couple of years. Life highlights include getting to live with a sparrow named Bruce Lee and writing new songs with musical giants like James DiSalvio, Dimitri Coats, Jordan Lawlor, Old Man Saxon, Mea and Tyler Beans.

What was the process like creating the track and writing it to begin with?

It all started with Aaron Morrice and I jamming on some new ideas in an LA rehearsal space. We took those ideas to Chris Thorn’s Fireside Sound in Silverlake to track some demos and it was there that we met an engineer called Tyler Beans. Tyler was great to work with and has since been playing live with the band adding the keys and samples from our records that we don’t usually bring to our live set. Back to the song …

The demo of Race then travelled back to Toronto where Niva and I got the vocals happening at Phoebe St, our own studio … after that Aaron, Niva and I went back to LA to record the song proper at 606 with the mighty Lou, John Lousteau, at the controls and Dimitri Coats from OFF! on guitar. What a thrill. Those two dudes are monsters of their crafts. I added some guitar leads of my own and that was that.

At Born Music, we love being recommended new music to share with our viewers. Do you have any favourite tunes by upcoming artists you’d like to share?

Check out Jordan Lawlor. And Laura Carbone. A band called Like A Motorcycle. Sarkis. Vast Robot Armies. All of their tunes are amazing.

Is there a least favourite thing about being in a band? What’s the favourite thing of creating music together?

Making this music, for me anyway, is fucking spiritual, man. It’s not a series of writing sessions, its not about any particular recording process, it’s more about chasing miracles in a shitstorm. Love that.

My least favourite thing about being in this band or any band is not being out there being a band. We love to play live and tour. Its the best way for us to get better at what we do, and that’s important to us.

If you could describe the music industry in one sentence, what would it be?

Once upon a time, there was a music industry and artists got paid. Hahaha. It’s not funny. Serious face.

What advice would you give to your past self just starting out with music?

Listen to Coltrane. Read Chomsky. Play always. Never give up. Start a band. Have fun.

Who would you say are your biggest inspirations as a group? Doesn’t have to be other artists, could be your pet!

A sparrow named Bruce Lee has basically taken over my life after moving into my house. She was only a couple of days old when she fell out of her nest so I brought her inside and a team of us did what we could to help her survive. She’s been living there for like nine months now and even came back after taking off one day. So spending time with her is special, like hanging out with a dinosaur that loves you kind of special. If you ever come across a baby bird that’s fallen out of his / her nest please consider saving that bird. Inspirational doesn’t even come close to describing that kind of daily joy. She’s amazing.

Describe your sound with each word starting with the letter D, in one sentence,  what would it be?

Doise dock dith dooks dand darmonies. Dits da darrage.

What’s been your favourite moment as a band so far and why?

Being stuck at a Ukrainian border for twelve hours with Russsian truckers pissed off at us and wanting to fight because our TM cut the line a bit. Perspective is everything.

What’s in store next for you guys? Any upcoming things that we can be excited about?

Our next recording project is the most ambitious thing we’ve ever come up with. It scares the hell out of me and excites me at the same time. The process has already begun so stay tuned.

We’re also playing CMW in Toronto May 10 and 11 with Katie and Dave from Like A Motorcycle and Tyler Beans and Aaron Morrice. Can’t wait.

Listen to the band’s discography below.