Your new favorite alternative-rock outfit: Dead Parties. Having embraced their indie roots, they experiment with layered, loud guitars, and of course… noise. We managed to have a quick chat with them!

Hey guys! Your most recent single ’93’ is amazing! Can you tell us a little bit of what it’s about?

Thanks – I wrote this one while I was I Melbourne, it’s about listening to your fave song or artist on the radio while driving around at night. It’s the relationship a song writer has with a person, even if you don’t know them – it’s a special thing.

How have you found the reaction to ’93’?

Great, it seems to have tapped into something and people have taken to it well. Also, a great song to play live goes down well.

With your debut album being released later on this year, (We can’t wait!), How was the creative process for the album, was it hard deciding what tracks would make it? 

Well the process is pretty much the same for all the songs, where I’ll spend nights writing and then demoing the songs at home. I’ll often do several versions of the one song and chop and change things, essentially editing on the fly. Cause I’m writing on my own I try to enter the head of a drummer, bassist etc and think “what would they do here”. Those demos are then taken to a studio to be mixed to get them sounding professional. Some of these songs were written many years ago, I’m kinda clearing the decks a bit cause I’ve demoed a couple of new albums and I wanna get them out too.

What can people expect from your gigs? Any new material appearances you can tell us about?

Yeah actually as I said above, some of those songs are older but still deserve a release. So we’re excited to get them out there properly recorded but to keep ourselves interested we’re introducing a few new songs. Hope to have an EP out not too far in the future.

Describe your music style, quick, GO!


As you moved from Melbourne to Barcelona, do you think it’s an easier place to get your music noticed in comparison to Melbourne? Was there any difficulties?

Well, the whole foreigner ticket certainly gets you some attention, but it’s just as hard as anywhere really. Lots of other good bands and also shit ones, but it’s a process and you gotta keep pushing. That said we’ve had a great response here in Spain, with lots of radio play on radio.

If you could collaborate with any artists, who would they be and why? Do they influence you in how you write and perform?

There’s a few Aussie artists like You Am I and Ratcat that I absolutely love, yeah they’d be great to collaborate with. They’re in my bones and in my veins, what I write is very much influenced by such artists. Great songwriting is at the core of what they do and if that affects me in any way then I’m doing alright.

Out of curiosity, where did the band name come from?

I was playing with words and saw a poster for the Mexican Day of the Dead, and thought here we are mourning over death and these skeletons are living it up – hence Dead Parties. It’s a light hearted take on a morose subject.

Do you have a spotify playlist? If so, list us 5 of your top tracks you absolutely love.

Yes I do, it’s called Sleep with your eyes open. I’ve really enjoy the latest Black Angels release (I’d kill for her)  as well as the Allah las last album. The Warlocks Only You is beautiful.

What can we expect from Dead Parties next?

Debut album release, then we’ll be getting an EP together. If money were no object I’d be releasing something every few months. I absolutely love music and creating what you love is the ultimate pleasure and reward.


Listen to their newest single ’93’ now: