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Hailing from the mountains of Arizona, Daisy Maude crafts stirring and emotive indie pop that transports you into the wild

Though proud of her hometown, Daisy struck out to find her fortune in L.A., balancing songwriting sessions with big names such as Davy Nathan along with her studies at the renowned Berklee College of Music.

Blessed with a siren-like voice and the ability to stoke melancholia with just the touch of the piano keys, Daisy Maude has the makings of an indie-pop star, and should be set to put Flagstaff on the map for the rest of the world.

Her latest single, Smoke – which we reviewed here – has been earning rave reviews across the board, and left us wondering what is next for the singer.

We chatted with Daisy about her next steps, her musical past and biggest ambitions in music.

Hi Daisy! You’ve just put out your dramatic new single, Smoke. What was the story behind the track?

It’s wild to me how fire is so mesmerising and yet so destructive.  “Smoke” is about a type of relationship that reminded me of this. At the verge of being incredible, destruction came again and again. This pattern will repeat until we let go, but like fire, the feeling is entrancing.  It’s really about the feeling of not being able to help yourself from getting caught in the flames even though you know you’ll just go up in smoke.

You hail from Flagstaff, Arizona. How does your hometown influence your music specifically?

It influences it in a HUGE way.  I feel that who I am musically emerges from Arizona.  I grew up racing mountain bikes in the Sonoran desert, racing snowboards at the highest peak in Arizona, playing music in church every Sunday, and having the Grand Canyon pretty much in my backyard.  The landscape and small mountain town background is a part of me and usually influences the emotional aspect of everything I do, especially music.

There’s also a strong jazzy tone to your vocals. Who are your main vocal inspirations?

When I was in Kindergarten (sorry, I don’t mean to be too corny), as soon as I got home I would run upstairs and listen to Ella Fitzgerald CDs on repeat- trying to mimic her voice.  I still aspire to bring the childlike playfulness yet deep jazz tone that she brings.  She is “it” for me. 

Growing up in Flagstaff, did you imagine music being your career path?

Yeah, I secretly always did. Everyone else thought I would race mountain bikes or become a veterinarian so it was a bit of a curveball for them…

You went on to study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Were you tempted to stay in California for your career?

I’m so obsessed with Berklee! Now that they offer online courses, I’m actually able to work on my degree while still being in the LA music hub. Kind of a win-win. They’ve developed their program in a way that the online courses feel equally impactful.    

Beyond music, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Lots of mountain biking, snowboarding, “specialty” baking (I can juggle ingredients to accommodate almost any allergy or preference), and teaching my cat Lincoln tricks…we have almost conquered “roll over”. 

You’ve been working hard with top L.A. producer Davy Nathan amongst other big names. What can we expect from future releases?

Sonically, there will be more upbeat jazz and actually hip-hop flares, but there will still be introspective moody songs in the mix.  I’m ridiculously excited about what Davy Nathan, Krysta Youngs and I are working on.

Do you have any musical favourites that we would never expect?

Dierks Bentley’s “Riser” album gets me every time.  Like pretty much everyone else, I’m also freaking out over what Post Malone is doing.  I’m a bit of a Nancy Sinatra fangirl as well.     

Your music feels like it’s made for the stage. Are there any plans to take your music on tour?

 Yes, I love performing live!  I will keep you posted on what’s coming.

Finally – what is on your bucket list to achieve as a musician?

It would be awesome to be one of those “go to” artists we listen to when we feel like you need emotional support.  Random, but I was also just thinking about how cool it would be to make a song that someone, like a boxer or UFC fighter, played as she/he walked out to fight.  Other than that I’d like to have a song in a Channing Tatum RomCom and learn the accordion.

‘Smoke’ is available to stream now.