Get to know the Australian band making a big splash in the indie scene.

Savvy Collective

Bursting onto the scene in 2016 with debut LP This Is Our Vice, Cub Sport have been gaining momentum ever since. Combining worldwide acclaim from the likes of BBC Radio 6 and KEXP and their keen humanitarian nature, using their platform to speak out against homophobia whilst striving to develop and encourage a safe community, their popularity wasn’t surprising. But now they are jumping head first into the next phase of their musical career with the release of second album BATS lead by single ‘O Lord’ and we were desperate to find out more…


With your upcoming album ‘BATS’ on the horizon, we have a burning question to ask you, how are you feeling about it?

Super excited and proud!

Watching your videos, I can tell you have been together a long time. How did you all meet? How long have you been together as a band?

Zoe, Sam and I all went to the same school and we knew Dan through school friends so we’ve pretty much known each other since we were kids! We started playing together not long after finishing school. I had written a bunch of songs and wanted to play them with a band, so I ask Zo, Sam and Dan and they were all keen – we’ve been playing together ever since!

As you have also recently announced a ‘BATS’ national tour, how exciting is it? Do you still get nervous putting on a tour? As you never know what to expect.

It’s so exciting! There’s something really special about the vibe at headline shows and these are the biggest venues we’ve ever played our own shows in, so it’s gonna be one to remember!

As your genre is Indie, do you find it increasingly hard to make sure you stand out? As it is competitive in this industry.

When I was writing and recording BATS, I didn’t really have a genre in mind. The writing process was about processing my emotions and writing songs that sound the way that I was feeling. I hope that the honesty and vulnerability surrounding a lot of this album connects with people!

Who are you listening to at the moment? Who ultimately inspires you?

At the moment I’m listening to SZA, Perfume Genius, Cloud Control, Moses Sumner and Miguel to name a few! My biggest inspiration is Frank Ocean. Everything he does is so beautiful and he captures that intimate, personal vibe that really lets the listener in.

As you are from Australia, do you feel that it is hard gaining publicity elsewhere, like the UK?

I feel like gaining publicity is a challenge for all bands in all territories! The internet is a huge help but it’s always easier to be active in the territory where you live. Australia is amazing but being so geographically removed from the rest of the world can be challenging when all we wanna do is play shows, do interviews and meet the people who are connecting with our music all over the world!

What is your creative process like when writing an album? Do you write constantly for a period of time?

I wrote BATS over the last couple of years. It was a really significant time in which I came out as gay and realised I was in love with my best friend/bandmate Sam (we’re engaged now!). Between that relationship developing, navigating my 20s and attempting a career in music, I’ve had a lot to write about!

Will you be arriving in the UK any time soon? (Please say yes!)

We are making plans!! Keep your eyes peeled in 2018!

Describe to me your live performances in 3 words! GO!

I was struggling with this one, so I asked our twitter followers for help and the first responses were ‘entrancing, ethereal and loving’ so there ya go!

Do you think your sound has matured from previous EP’s/Albums?

Definitely! I feel like I’ve developed a lot both personally and musically between releases. Coming out has had a significant impact on my creativity – I feel more confident in what I’m creating and I’m not afraid to pursue my vision – I feel like BATS reflects that.