“Far Off Distant Plans” has been the talk of the town as of recent, and a warming debut release for Con Davison

Blessing the world with his latest EP, “Far Off Distant Plans”, Con Davison has had a fantastic few months for himself and the music. We had a good old chin wag about life and what’s to come next for the songwriter. 

Hey! How things in the world of Con Davison? We’re absolutely loving the latest single ‘Talk.’
Howdy! Things are very good right now. I’m enjoying a few weeks at home in Minneapolis before a busy spring. Really glad y’all dig the song!

You have a very distinctive and original sound. Are there any musicians who really influence your music or are you influenced by other day to day type things?This question always get me. I listen to a lot of music, and try to stay up to date with what’s coming out. I feel like my ear always leans back to David Bazan. He’s probably my biggest influence overall, but lately I’ve been really inspired by Another Michael, Lomelda and Sam Evian.

Surely there’s been a moment to date where you’ve felt on top of the world with your music (which is super awesome btw!), what’s been your favourite music moment so far?
This tour that I got back from was a definite high point. It was my first tour for this project and it felt like a really important rite of passage to getting the wheels rolling. I booked it all myself and really I’m just blown away that nothing went wrong!

Your debut EP “Far Off Distant Plans” was released in 2018, what was the writing process behind that? Do you write lyrics or the instrumentation part first?
I write music incessantly, so it kinda just came time to put a few together and make an official release. I generally write a melody and a guitar part all at once, and then during the process of recording I figure out all the other arrangement. I’m a drummer by trade, so I often hear a drum feel very early on in the writing process.

You’ve just got back off tour, what was your favourite venue to play and why?
I played a house show in Philadelphia that was just really something special. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful, and it was so nice to get to meet people and hang out before and after the show.

What’s your favourite lyric that you’ve written? Do you write with any hidden meanings at all?
I’m really proud of the lyrics in Follow the Leader, the last song on my EP. I try and be pretty up front and honest when I write.

How would you describe the music scene where you live in one sentence?
It just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Are there any upcoming artists that you would recommend our listeners? Always great to share recommendations and to give artists the recognition that they deserve.
Another Michael, Gabe Goodman, Dreamspook, Jessica Manning, Ar.Birn, Bathtub Cig

What’s next for you? Are there anymore upcoming releases that we can be excited for?
My other band is touring a lot this spring, but I’ve got more shows mid year, and will *hopefully* get a single or two out by the summer.

Lastly, is there any advice you’d give to an upcoming artist who’s just started out?
Don’t stop. No matter what.

The EP is available now. A warming introduction to the world of Con Davison.