The powerful voice behind ‘Love You Save Me’, Cameron Jones discusses his inspiration behind the track

After recently reviewing Cameron Jones’ new track ‘Love You Save Me’ here on Born Music, we couldn’t resist getting to know the man behind the voice. With recent plays on BBC Introducing, and reaching over one million streams on Spotify, we wanted to hear how that feels as an independent artist.

So to begin, could you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself and your music?

Hey I’m Cameron Jones a singer songwriter from Hertfordshire. For the
last couple of years all of my writing was done by me recording demos on
my own in my bedroom so my music tends to come out sounding very
introverted and melancholic. But I guess, at least for me, when your
alone with your own thoughts for a while it’s hard for the music to not
end up that way.

When was it that you first decided to get into making music?

I always sung as a kid but only started writing after I picked up a
guitar at 14. And then I think it took a good few years to actually take
my own music and think maybe other people might want to hear this as
well? So after a good year of writing and recording demos I sent out a
few to a couple of producers who I really respected, one being James
Kenosha (Rhodes, Dry the River, Wildes) and the other being Ian Grimble
(Mumford and Sons, Daughter, Matt Corby) thinking I’d never hear
anything back but then now a year or 2 on I’ve ended up working with
both of them on several tracks which is incredible.

Was there a particular person or band who was an inspiration to you?

Artists like Elliot Smith, Jeff Buckley, Matt Corby, Bon Iver and
Daughter are all big influences are on my music and massive inspirations
for me and my writing.

So you’ve recently played a live show for BBC Introducing on the back
of your brilliant new track ‘Love You Save Me’, how was this experience
for you?

Yeh it was awesome! I’d played once before there for my first EP so was
so great to hear that they wanted me back again to play.

What was the main inspiration behind this track?

I’d been listening to a lot of Ryan Adams around the writing of this
which I think can really be heard in the lyrics in particular. It’s
essentially about how love and who we love is rarely a choice and how
that can often lead us into quite tricky emotional dilemmas.

I’d also like to congratulate you on your one million spotify
streams! What was that feeling like, to see that so many people listen
to and enjoy your music?

Thanks a lot! Yeh it’s pretty mad. As an independent artist it was
definitely a big milestone for me.

When can we expect the rest of your new EP? Can you tell us a little
bit about the songs?

The last song from the EP is a song called Warning and is the first one
I’ve released thats just voice and piano. It’s also the title track off
my 2nd EP and is probably the track I’m most proud out of my releases so
far so can’t wait to see what everyone else thinks!

After the EP drops, do you have any idea of whats next for you? Not
to put too much pressure on!

No idea! I’d like to aim to get a UK tour together for 2018 and also get
some more tracks recorded and released by April but I’m just taking
everything one step at a time for now.

Have you got any live shows lined up?

Not yet but there will be live announcements soon so hold tight!


Cameron Jones’ debut EP Omen is available now, with more music on the way!