Occasionally, a track lands in our inbox that is an absolute breath of fresh air. Packed full of attitude, bold beats and motormouth lyrics, ‘Possession Of A Weapon’ hit us like a tonne of bricks, and it turn out that we’d heard of CAITLIN SCARLETT before – though definitely not in this guise. Earlier this year we were blown away by her stunning vocal in her single ‘Rust’, a track that resonated and gained her a ridiculous amount of support online and on radio. This is an artist not afraid of changing her gameplan to suit her; Scarlett sure has our attention, so we got to know her a little better…

Your new track ‘Possession Of A Weapon’ is very different from your previous single ‘Rust’! We love both, but what inspired the change in sound?
Thanks! I wouldn’t say anything in particular inspired the genre switch, I tend to write my own experience and the sound that follows will be whatever best fits the mood for me. I don’t think musicians should be reserved to making only one type of song, honestly; I have fun switching between different sides of myself.

Do you feel that your new sound is more true to yourself? What have other people’s responses been like?
I guess so, but only because it’s a side I haven’t shown before, so it feels like a personal growth in that way. It’s been really cool so far, everyone seems to be digging the change of pace. I’ve had some really sweet messages and write-ups, which I’m so grateful for.

Tell us a little about what inspired you to create the track.
It’s about my life in Spring 2015, I was bouncing around London, staying at peoples houses, skiving off of my job, just making music and going out. It made me want to write a song that would serve as both an emotional outlet for me and a way of making other people feel badass.

You worked with Eddy Atlantis – who has produced music by Jelani, UB40 and Roll Deep. Did working with him encourage you to try new sounds or directions with your songwriting?

I would say we have that effect on each other, I think when we work together there’s a very recognisable style to it, which I really love.

Your previous single ‘Rust’ was very successful, gaining you attention and praise from BBC Introducing, Radio X and Dermot O’Leary, an incredible 400k streams on Spotify and reached number 18 on the UK Viral Chart! How did you feel when all this began happening and how do you feel now?
Well I’m feeling pretty fine since I actually found out earlier today that it just hit half a million! I’m blown away, and excited for the future.

How long have you been writing music? Was there a specific moment when you realised that this was what you wanted to do as a career?
All my life honestly, there’s never been any question in my mind. I started out writing poems as I child, and I would say they developed into lyrics when I was about 12, and the story goes from there. I started getting into actual industry stuff at 17 when I left home.

You switch so seamlessly between different genres; who or what influences you musically? How have you combined these influences to create your own unique sound?
Thanks, I think the influence comes from everything in my life really! Childhood memories, music I’m listening to, current events, relationships I’m in etc. I just try to explore as many different sides of my style as I can create, and because the root of it is always just me, it all ties together. That’s the idea anyway.

You have a fantastic voice that seems at home on slower tracks and more aggressive ones like ‘Possession Of A Weapon’. Do you prefer performing one genre more to the other?Honestly it all depends on my mood, and there are good sides to both.  I really couldn’t say.

You seem to have so much drive for such a young artist. How do you feel now that your career is kicking into motion? What are your plans next?
Ha, thanks. I try. I’m mega pumped about it of course! A bit stressed looking at the ol’ calendar sometimes but I’m not complaining.

Is there anything else that you would like to add? 
Yes, thank you so much to everyone who has supported me thus far! I can’t wait to release more of this stuff! Hit me up and lets be internet friends.

Caitlyn Scarlett’s track ‘Possession Of A Weapon’ is available to buy now.