Ophelia, Taz, Paul, and Moz are the brilliant minds behind the exciting music exuding from Bloxx, creating energetic and ridiculously infectious alt-pop/indie, they’re definitely on their way to mastering catchy melodies with an edge. We caught up with Ophelia to learn about all things Bloxx.

Ophelia explains to us how she, Taz and Moz all met in college whilst studying various music-related courses, later meeting Paul whilst working in Wetherspoons, Taz, Moz and Paul had all played in bands previously, so when Ophelia was asked to play a local gig that she didn’t want to play acoustically, she called on the guys to help her out, luckily for us, they obliged and the rest is history, as it were: “After that gig it was clear that we were meant to carry on as a band, so we started Bloxx” she explains.

After recently releasing their first two singles ‘You’ and ‘Your Boyfriend’, they’ve very quickly garnered a lot of attention and rightly so. Both tracks have a delicious balance of infectious melodies and grunge-Esq instrumentation, proving that they have an impressive versatility for a band at such early stages. “I like to describe ‘Your Boyfriend’ as our grunge-pop debut.” Ophelia comments. “’You’ is the second single we released, which we think packs a bit more punch and captures a little bit more of that teenage angst” she explains further, adding that ‘You’ is also a lot more true to their live sound, explaining how they like to get ‘grungy’ at shows.

“Your boyfriend was actually the first ever song we wrote together, in a garage in Langley on the day of the gig that we wanted to debut the tune at” Ophelia reveals, adding “I think we were overly proud that we had managed to write a tune together so quickly, and decently, so from there it became impossible to not record/release.” It was ‘You’ that really pushed them forward in terms of attention though, a premiere over at Line of Best Fit, then features from NME, Huw Stephens and more.

“We have been blown away by the reaction to ‘You’ over the past month! It’s surreal, I don’t think any of us thought that we’d get this level of a reaction!” Ophelia says, explaining to us how she can remember them sitting in the studio a few weeks ago, saying to Paul that all she wanted was for NME to write about them and then, the next day, finding that just that had happened.

They’ve just played Live at Leeds, putting the first of (hopefully) many festivals under their belt: “We do have some exciting dates later in the year, not sure I’m allowed to give any details yet, but we are definitely playing something exciting” Ophelia reassures us. “We would love to play a load of festivals, we’re definitely big into festivals, my first one was Reading so to play Reading and Leeds would be insane,” she says. “Glastonbury and Truck fest are on the wish list too.”

It’s not just their festival appearances that we have to get excited about though, with them about to join The Wombats on tour for three dates in June. “It’s crazy to even be on the same gig poster as The Wombats. None of our mates really believed us when we told them. They were a band we grew up listening to, even my Mum is stoked for us” Ophelia tells us, explaining that her Mum is a big fan of The Wombats.

The Wombats won’t be the first act that they’ve been excited to share the stage with, however, “we recently supported Sundara Karma, I’d love to get back on stage with them! They are the best guys!” Ophelia exclaims. “I’d say we’d absolutely love to support Wolf Alice, too, we’re all big fans and reckon it would be a crazy show! Circa Waves are definitely on that list too, their new album is absolute class, that would be an insane gig!” she adds.

A band that has already done so much in such a short space of time, Bloxx are one of the most exciting bands to come from 2017 yet and with another single lined up for release, things don’t look set to slow down anytime soon.