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Her unique blend of East-meets-West works wonders…

Renowned Chinese singer BING recently released her debut English single “Hanging On” to critical acclaim. Using her unique voice and persona, BING has effectively created a buzz for herself, something not easily accomplished in the competitive North American music scene.

Premiering on Huffington Post, BING’s voice and song structure shine bright on “Hanging On”, with her words soaring high over the epic, pop-inspired chorus. With “Hanging On”, BING perfectly captures the sounds native to her home country of China, while also fusing them with contemporary production. This unique mix of east-meets-west works wonders, providing music fans a track that is entirely dissimilar to anything else out there.

This single is only the beginning, as BING is preparing her debut album Reverse Time, set for an early 2018 release. Until then, BING is remaining active in China: appearing at events, performing photo shoots, and even working on a music video in preparation for the album.

BING has the potential to be a star, so check her out before the hype gets here!

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