We ‘Love Love Love’ their new track but what are the electro, synth-pop duo, ‘Beta Waves’ all about? Let’s find out…


We caught up with the BETA WAVES, the duo that consists of Dale and Harry, to uncover the truth about their newest release, their musical identity and any other secrets they’re hiding. Let’s see what the band is all about…


Hey guys, we see that you have been performing at loads of events this summer. What has been your favourite event to play at so far?

Probably for many reasons it would have to be St.Lukes alldayer festival in Glasgow. We had a bit of reform with our live set, after three shows in a row (st.lukes being the final) it seemed to come together really well. The crowd were very responsive and seemed to be enjoying it as much as us. We also got to meet a lot of cool people, some we met again and some we met for the first time.


What do you bring to your set?

Too much for a two piece.. haha. A lot of mundane electronics and musical equipment. Nothing out of the ordinary. Used to bring a rug with us everywhere but we got in trouble from the owner for using it and getting it covered in beer, so that was the end of that.


Which artists inspire your music the most?

We take influences from a wide variety of music. Ranging from Bowie to Tame Impala to LCD soundsystem to Symian Mobile Disco


We love your new track ‘LoveLoveLove’. What is the meaning behind the song?

It’s for all the folk who are having trouble in the love department, there’s someone out there for everyone. You just haven’t met them yet.


Do you have any new music being released soon?

We are constantly writing and recording new music so we have a fair few tunes that haven’t yet seen a stage. We always have songs up our sleeve. LoveLoveLove is still out doing its thing but we might have a couple more before the end of the year if the timings right. The days of needing 3 month lead in time for a single are gone with streaming services


If you could collaborate with any musician who would it be and why?

Roosevelt, whatever he seems to touch turns to gold.. every remix he’s done is better than the original song (in my opinion obviously). And the album he has is a great listen.


What has been your biggest achievement this year?

The fact that we have over 60k streams on spotify is mental or Playing Belladrum Festival earlier this month probably we never thought that we would be playing one of the biggest festivals in Scotland 9 months or so after forming!


If you could play at any festival, where would it be and why?

It’s the dream to play abroad. A festival like Mad Cool festival in Madrid would be awesome! Few friends have been and have loved it, despite being a young festival the line ups have been great!


How do you want your listeners to react to your music?

Just react in some way. Music has to evoke some sort of emotion or connect with the audience somehow, or it’s just noise. I want people to feel happy listening to our music, maybe slightly dark undertones in the narrative but it’s all to be looked of positively.


If you had to describe your music in three words, what would they be?



Listen and read our review of the duo’s latest single ‘Love Love Love’ if you haven’t already!

We ‘LoveLoveLove’ the new synth-pop track by Beta Waves