Benta’s music is dark, introspective and very cool. With the release of his new track ‘Road With Seven Lanes’,  we had a chat with the artist and got him to curate a playlist of songs that, like his music, are perfect for late night listening.


Your new single ‘Road with Seven Lanes’ is really great, can you tell us the story behind it?

Thanks so much. It’s a track that came to me quite instantaneously, while I was returning a U-Haul after helping with moving somebody’s stuff. The melody and beat simply “arrived” and the whole track then came together in the studio very quickly. The track is about how far we might be from people physically, but in this day and age with advanced technology, how close and intimate everybody can actually be.


Night and darkness seem to be key to your philosophy, can you explain their importance to your music?

So Benta is my artistic persona; my nighttime. During the day, I’m one person, with a certain sort of life and priorities. But my artistic and creative side comes out at night, in the studio, where I can really emote and be myself. I think the music captures a lot of that duality that I live with every day.


You were signed at just 15 as another musical project, what are the main differences between your work then and now?

I was doing rock music then. And from a production standpoint, was working in a 95% audio-driven environment in Pro Tools. Now, I’ve taken a lot of the same melodic and percussive instincts I’d employed then and translated them into a largely electronic environment. I’m also channeling a much wider array of influences in my music now then I was at that time. From hip-hop to indie to electronic to rock. Whereas when I was younger I was really only listening to the type of music I was making or sought to make.


You recently covered Miley Cyrus’ ‘Malibu’, are there any influences on your music we might not expect?

The first time I heard that track, I was blown away. It’s got such a cool, non-traditional structure for a pop song. The atmosphere of the track perfectly defines the lyrical content. And melodically, it’s just gorgeous. I am so not afraid or ashamed of falling in love with any artist or song just because of what they might represent, societally. Great melodies and great production will grab and influence me every time.


What can we expect from you next?

So with the single just coming out, we’ve got a video and remixes on the way! Then, the rest of the EP, called Seeks, will roll out. It’s an exciting one and one that I’m super proud of from an overall piece of work perspective, sonically and melodically. I’m also going to start playing out in support of this all much more frequently. Lastly, I’m doing a lot more production and collaborative work for and with other amazing artists, so we’ve got some remixes and original works coming later this summer and into the fall!