With sound so clean cut it’s glimmering Silver, Alt-Indie-Rock Bengal Lancers are the one of the sharpest to appear on the scene this year. 

Forming in Liecester six years ago, Bengal Lancers have appeared in our headphones continuously this year with their new clear cut sound. Coming fresh from the capital, London, their singles ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Memory Loss’ have been ones to talk about, not exluding their most recent ‘Big Ideas’.

The four-piece band have clearly found their niche with talent oozing out from their production of muffled guitar and dreamy indie vocals, to the topics in their lyrics. They clearly aren’t affriad to be honest and love to explore the boundries and questions we all ask ourselves and might be afraid to find answers to.

With the busy buzz of new music coming in, we caught up with the band to find out their inspirations and ever-building history.

Hi guys, so tell us, who are Bengal Lancers?

Harry: Heya, hope you’re well! Bengal Lancers consists of myself on guitar and vocals, Charlie Hawkins on Bass, Max Hutchins on Drums and Aidan Wickham on Synth/Drums/whatever he can get his hands on.

You originally came on the scene in 2012, that’s six years ago! Where did you come from and how has the journey progressed till now?

Harry: Six years… Christ, we feel old now! It’s come a long way since we started – initially it was just myself and Charlie messing about at University; Pub gigs, doing covers; the usual. Then in third year Max joined us and we started having a proper go at things. It was all going great until Aidan joined us…

Seriously, though – I feel after a few years as a three-piece we realised we needed something extra and I’d grown up gigging with Aidan so he was the perfect candidate. We had one practice and everything just gelled. Since then it’s been a massive upward trajectory. This year has been massive because it almost feels like a fresh start. I feel we’ve got that excitement we had when we first started playing together and I think that translates where we’re playing live.



If you were to idolise someone as an inspiration to your sound, who would it be?

Max: it’s tricky as we sometimes have 4 sets of influences vying for prominence, but as a band I think we’ve always really looked up to Foals and Bombay Bicycle Club. Harry owes a lot to Frightened Rabbit and Augustines too though, so they’re both very strong contenders.
Harry: Max has hit the nail on the head. I owe a lot in terms of song-writing to Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit), William Mccarthy (Augustines) and other similar acts – I love how honest their music is. The loss of Scott earlier this year was heartbreaking but the community response was exceptional – it was amazing to see the stories of how far his music had reached people.


We’re loving your most recent single is ‘Big Ideas’. What does this song mean to you?

Harry: Thank you! ‘Big Ideas’ is a bit of a light-hearted nod to all the times we’ve spoken absolute cr*p whilst hammered – We aren’t the first to do it and we are definitely not the last.

It’s all about those mornings when you wake up with your friends and go “what on earth were we talking about? Why did I think that was a good idea!?”


We saw Harry was in hospital earlier this month, what happened and how is he now?

Harry: I’m grand thanks! Nothing too serious. I ended up picking up rugby last year with Aidan. Now, I’m not the biggest chap in the world and it turned out trying to tackle someone twice my size was a bit ambitious. I tore my ACL and only just had surgery. It was the first game of the season.
Max: To be fair he sends us a new song idea on the group WhatsApp every 5 minutes so it’s been pretty handy so far…


Do you have any plans for future music videos?

Harry: We’re hoping to do something soon – we noticed the YouTube was looking a little sparse. Might have to save it till I’m off the crutches though!



Is there anything you can hint to for fans to look forward to in 2019?

Max: I think it’s fair to say we’ve hit a real creative surge recently – fans can expect to see the fruits of our labour in the new year!
Harry: Agreed! We should have some new singles coming out straight off the bat and then hopefully starting to move further afield in terms of shows. We’re aiming to get some festival slots under our belts this year.


If you could play with one artist, who would you have the pleasure in wanting to play with?

Max: I’d love to play with The Kills, but I’d probably be too intimidated to talk to them…
Harry: I’d definitely be keen to support The National – their latest album was spectacular and their live show is just astonishing.


Since it’s so getting colder outside, what would be each of your favourite seasons?
Max: I’ve always loved Autumn. Aside from the colour cliché, I’m happier in the cold! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the sun or anything; I’m just not made for the heat! There’s something nice about being warm while the weather is cold.


Which cities would be next on the list to tour?

Max: Brighton. Not very far afield, but I have lots of friends and family there and it’d be an excellent city to play.
Harry: Definitely keen for Brighton. Would also love to get up north to Manchester and Leeds – The North has a cracking music scene and half my family are from Wigan so it’s about time we paid them a visit!