After steadily releasing hit after glorious hit, we had a chat with BAYNK about collaborations, the saxophone, and future releases.

Scroll down to check out his ultimate summer party playlist and his latest brilliant release ‘Come Home’ featuring Shallou.


Can you tell us about when you found out that ‘Sundae’ had blown up on Soundcloud?

I was checking my emails for the first time in a month in this massive supermarket in Budapest. I was on a booze run with friends to buy alcohol and supplies for a festival called Sziget which is the best time ever. It was literally just an email asking me to play, I was so ecstatic. It was completely out of the blue and I had made no attempt to try play any shows so it was just a dream come true.


There’s a lot of saxophone in your music, what is it that draws you to using the instrument in your work?

I picked it up in high school and thought it was the coolest thing ever. It’s just so sexy, the way it looks & sounds. I always try and squeeze it into songs but more often than not I just end up playing it out live and improvising over my own and other people’s tracks.


If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?

I’ve said Flume a lot before so I’ll pick some else. At the moment probably Mura Masa, I love his production style and he had a huge influence on me when I was starting out. He has such a knack for blending real and synthetic instruments.



When is the perfect time to listen to your music?

On a road trip cruising down the coast with your hand out the window pretending it’s a dolphin.


What can we expect from you next?

New music. Some vibey/weird new videos, an EP, tour dates.  It’s too hard to predict, I’ll think up something new and everything will change. Something exciting!