Looking for some new music to truly rock your socks off? Then look no further than Perth’s finest, BATS.

Raucous, riff-heavy and just a dash of psychedelia: It’s a quality cocktail that’s sure to put the swing in any rock fan’s step, and none other get the mix so right than Perth’s rock outfit BATS. So, to get to grips with just what it is that makes BATS tick, we sat down with singer and guitarist Michael Paver to chat about their debut album, politics, touring, and what’s next for the Australian lads.

For those who don’t know your music – could you introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about what makes BATS tick?

We are a bunch of gentlemen from Perth. We get ticked on with rad tunes and beats with heart, groove and vibe and ticked off with shortsightedness and bigotry.

You’re by no means strangers to the Perth music scene, and BATS started out as a solo project; how did you come to be the band you are today?

I guess all by chance. Sometimes if you keep trying, good things happen to those who wait.

You’ve said before that you like to take your music seriously, but not yourselves. Do you think it’s important to keep a sense of humour in today’s society? 

We all get fed an unprecedented amount of rubbish on a day to day basis so the discerning of what is real for some is incredibly hard and we poke fun at that fact.

Your debut album Truthless Faithless stepped up the political vibe. Was this a conscious decision or did it come about naturally in the songwriting?

I can only write about what I see or experience, otherwise I feel like we are lying to our audience. The inability for those in power to put the shoe on the other foot when looking at a situation is a major sticking point for me. I guess this applies to personal life as well.

What’s your favourite track from the album?

Truthless – It’s almost a song in reverse. Its built to be so structured then come crashing down at the end, just like big business or hopefully major banks.

I believe there’s also a new album in the works! Can you tell us a little bit about what we can expect?

We will follow our songwriting progression and style to further extremes. Half the album is already written so a late year release looks good.

Is there any new material you’re particularly excited about playing live?

A handful of the songs focus on the building of dynamics which will translate well in a live context. Liberty Bell will be a standout.

You’re also gearing up for a tour around the South West of Australia – is gigging and touring important for you as a band?

Definitely. It builds the relationships within the band. Live gigs are always a representation of what the studio record is like and its great to be able to jam out different parts live and make the show more organic in its ebb and flow.

What’s been your favourite live show so far?

WAM fest 2016 was great which led to us signing with a small LA based publishing and our launch of “Truthless Faithless”.

After the tour’s over, what’s next for BATS?

We have our Vinyl launch coming up at Rhubarb Records in store on the 19th May which will be the final show of this album cycle. Then its back to work for the new record.

Can we expect a UK tour anytime soon?

Chuck a shrimp on the barbie and we are there!